Breaking the diet for a day!!


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I need advice! I am on day 11 and tomorrow is my anniversary with my boyfriend. He has got a big evening planned, and I want to break the diet for one day. The question is, will I still lose SOME ammount of weight. My weigh is is not until thursday, and I will be straight back into the diet on monday? Any advice from experience?? thanks! X
My advice is Don't do it !!

It was my 5th wedding anniversary last friday and i too thought about having a nice meal and a glass of wine or two, but then decided to knock myself out of ketosis just for one night was not worth it..
plenty more wedding anniversarys to come and i will be thin !!

I agree, don't do it. I understand the temptation but once you break it, it is sooo hard to get back on. If thats the one bit of advice I wish I'd listened to it was that. I have broken the diet many times and although I've always had good intentions of getting back on it, it's not so easy. If you're already in full swing and it sounds like you are, it would be such a shame to mess things up. You may have a good time but you'll be kicking yourself afterwards. I hope you have a good anniversary and hopefully will find another way to celebrate without breaking the diet. :)
You guys are right! thank you! Ama Stay on the diet! Temptation is still too high to spiral out of control!! Gosh this diet is sooo hard!!! XX

I really really wouldn't take a break this close to starting the diet - even for a day! You need to learn coping strategies and get into the real crux of the counselling before you even think about it.

I am not being hypocritical as I have had several planned meals but none of them were until I knew I could cope with them.

Find another way to mark the date - a movie or bowling or a walk on a beach - anything really but not food, not yet.
Any decision you make is entirely up to you, no one can tell you how to behave.

But please bear in mind that when you made the decision to to the LighterLife programme you decided to abstain from food for 14 weeks. I feel that the aniversary is one of many social challenges that you will be faced with during your 14 weeks.

LL is very much about abstaining from food so you can learn how to deal with situations in an alternative way. I'm sure that if you were to explain to your boyfriend that you need him to support you, he could find a way of celebrating that didn't involve food.

I was faced with a similar situation when it was my birthday so I understand how you feel, but once I'd made the decision to stick to the plan and got through the day I felt really very proud of myself. Life does not need to revolve round food and drink

The common problem with breaking abstinance once is that it's hard to get back on track and often people end up breaking it on a regular basis after that first time.

With all that said...I'm not here to tell you what to do....can only tell you what I learned and others will come and give you a different oppinion. As I said....the decision is yours, but I hope you have a lovely fun evening regardless and happy anniversary to you when it comes x
Have you spotted the recurring message here?????

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!

It's so hard to get back on track 100% your mind starts playing tricks on you. You start to fool yourself that having 'got away with it once' You can do it again and before you know it you'll be jumping on and off the wagon every time there's a special occasion.. Hang on in there and don't take a break.
It is hard I know but unless we stop associating food with every celebration or treat, even when we are down to our desired weight we will go back into bad habits. And after all this hard work that would be terrible. I struggle with this but do find if I am going out for a meal with people it's the lead up to it, the ordering and anticipation. Usually when the food arrives it has gone in about 10 mins or so and I am always pleased that I didn't cave in ! Melissa
Yep, I agree not to. The fact is, there will always be something that appears on the surface to be special enough to come off it...but the key to success this time is saying "nothing will come in between me and my success". Once you break that sacred "no eating" rule, its easy to convince yourself to do it again...particularly if you actually "get away with it".
Totally agree with what everyone has said! Did you have a good time though and what did you do instead??? (or shouldn't I ask! ;))