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Breaks over christmas

Im planning on not taking my tablets christmas eve, christmas day or boxing day. Main reason is because im going to a friends party on boxing night and dont want to be nipping the loo and going to be drinking aswell. As long as I dont go overboard will this effect my weight in a big way? And is this enough time to let the tablets out my system in time for boxing night. Im going for a weigh in on the 23rd as my doctor is on holiday when I am due for more tablets, so she will see then that I am losing the weight as I have lose 6lbs already in 3/4 days im hoping it doesnt make a huge difference x
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I think that's fair enough Jenny. I know it sort of defeated the purpose but I didn't take tablets when I knew I was going to have no control over the food either. I think the toughest challenge is to try and moderate yourself over Xmas.

All that lovely food and you just have to try and say NO!
I know lol, its mainly the alcohol and my christmas dinner. Apart from that i dont think ill go too mad :/ xx
I to am tking a break but i will stop mine 3 days before to give me the 72 hours just so i dont get the tango effect but those days i will be good until crimbo day then have things in moderation.
Oh i might too then lol its only really boxing day im bothered about really, so if i stop the day before christmas eve ill be ok x
I asked my nurse about this the other day, she advised me to have xmas day and boxing day off, I asked if I needed to stop taking them a day or so before and she said not as they only work on what you have just eaten they dont go into your blood stream etc... which makes sense as you do have to take within an hour of eating so that they are in your stomach at the same time as the food... also I did test it on friday just gone I went to pub for lunch and had steak and chips with all the trimmings and just did not take my tablet for lunch and had no horrible side effects....
Hope this helps.....
I am going out tommorow and am not taking any tablets from today.

Will also stop 23rd and start again 27th!

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