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Breast lift/mastopexy

Hi all :D

I've just posted this in the plastic surgery forum as well, but thought I may be more likely to get answers here as more people come straight to their club forum.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences of this and would mind sharing so that I can make a more educated decision.

4 years ago I was 17 and a half stone. I got down to 12 stone and the GP referred me for mastopexy. I missed my referral due to a bereavement and put on weight again due to feeling down about losing my loved one.

To cut a long story short, I'm getting my weight back down and I am going back to my GP next week to be referred.

I don't know anything about the procedures and eligibility criteria though. I was wondering if anyone else does?

Also, I know that the scar is like a T shape one....how have people found the healing and overall look of that?

Overall, has it been worth it?

I really, really want mine done. They remind me of crinkly carrier bags that just lie flat against my stomach and I'm only 26! I cannot imagine living the rest of my life with these.

Any advice or experiences would be so greatly appreciated.

K xxx
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no sorry, but didnt want to read and run! Hope you get a referral!

I would love a reduction, even when im a size 12 i have HUGE boobs! It really annoys me, I can never get tops to fit properly if they have "boob sections"!


Is so very nearly there!
Iv nott had anything done but would love to have a boob lift and a tummy tuck, how you go about getting referred! x
I just went to my GP and explained. They didn't ask for any proof of the extent of the problem. They just referred me and it took about 3 - 4 months for my consultation appointment to come through. After that point I'm clueless though

K x

P.S Fantastic weight loss Claire! You must be so proud :)


Is so very nearly there!
Thanks Kerry - Well what Im gna do is get to target I think and then Im gna go the Drs and go from there. I DESPISE my belly and boobs without a bra, I dont want em smaller just lifted a bit! lol

You have done so well and I think you will have to keep me informed on ya journey???!!

I dont know anything about breast surgery but I know from when I lost my weight before I would need a tummy tuck. I looked into the risks of the proceedure and it is fairly risky but I have no idea about if breast lifts are. I decided then I wouldnt pursue it any further and would learn to live with my wobbly tummy. I hate any medical treatment and have had some grim fertility treatment in my time and I would need to be pretty ill to go under the knife!
Claire, you're more than welcome and I will keep you informed on how it goes.

PrincessSausage, I know what you mean about the risks and I have looked into them. I also have tummy and arm issues but the way I see it is, there is work I can do to improve them. I do alot of ab and tricep work to build muscle for the skin to effectively cling too.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do bar surgery for my breasts, so I'm jumping in and crossing fingers and toes that they view me a suitable candidate! I hate the thought of having to justify it though, believe me if I could afford it I would have it done private in a flash!!
hi honey, i'm getting an uplift with implants next monday (27th) AAAAAH.....i'm having a lollipop lift where they move the nipple and breast up and slice under the boob too.

I wish i'd have thought about a g.p refferal....but it's costing me 5grand for a augmented mastoplexy, with great aftercare.

I go on a breast surgery forum too if u wanna find out more about the uplift surgery....i will pm u it x
Fantastic! Thanks for the info Renza :) I bet you can't wait....I must say I am totally jealous! ;)

If I can'tget it done through referral then I am going to have to take the route you have. 5 grand though!! That would hurt, but well worth it no doubt.

Keep me updated. It would be great to know how the healing, etc goes.

K xxx
Wow! That's fab (only slightly jealous! lol). I'm awaiting my consultant date now...fingers crossed that they deem me a suitable candidate!

K xx

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