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I've just started Slimming world today with a starter pack from ebay (how confusing!?)- I can't afford to go to the classes or register online, but I am breastfeeding and need to know whether I have to have any extra food. I don't want to deprive my body and baby of vital nutrients!

Any advice would be greatfully received.
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With most other diets its an extra 300-500 calories. I have a link for calculating it, which I will post once I've found it, but you need to know approximately how many ounces baby is having to work it out



Also just spoken to a friend who is doing WW and she was told 300cals for a new baby, rising to 500cals but then dropping to 50cals per feed once solids have been introduced. And DRINK extra

I would only use these as a very rough guide. If your milk starts lessening or you are struggling with tiredness up your levels. Yours and babies well-being comes before losing a few lbs that you can concentrate on after
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On SW you get more HEs but how many will depend on the age of your baby and whether you are breastfeeding exclusively

This better than just adding calories as they are nutritionally sound foods to boost your calcium and fibre intake
Hi, thanks for the replies. I am exclusively breastfeeding and my baby is 5 months. I will start weaning at 6 months. Do you know how many healthy extras I should eat for this please?


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Hi jillrob,
I have just joined minimins today. I started sw 7 months ago when my little man was 4 weeks, and I breast fed him until he was 6 months while on the sw plan. I thought it was great.
For a 5 month old who is not being weaned you have 4 healthy extras on top of your usual, and they recommend that 2 of those are healthy A's. When you start to wean you drop down to 3 extra HE. Then when they are on 3 meal a day you only have one extra HE.
I hope this helps! Good luck,
Sarah x


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S: 17st3lb C: 16st11lb G: 13st2lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 0st6lb(2.49%)
Fatty no more:wow still bf at 10 months. Thats fab. I was so proud of myself for feedingmy little man until he was 6 months, but i just felt that he neeed ore than i could give after that, and i had lasted longer then the 3 days that i fed my daughter for! Talking of my daughter, her birthday is also new years eve! I think its a really special birth date. x


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yea its a fab birthday date always will be someone to celebrate lol.

Yea i plan to feed for 2 years which is what the WHO recommends for maximum goodness or whatnot.
I struggled to breastfeed so i am loath to giv eit up when its so good for my son.

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