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Brekkie ideas?

ruth frances

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I know you guys are all the northern hemisphere, but down here the weather's beginning to hot up for summer and I can't work out what to eat for brekkie. It's just getting too warm for me to fancy eating porridge in the morning. I don't really like fruit, so that's out too. And most cereals I think are probably medium GI at best.
Plus I usually leave a mere 2-3mins to prepare and eat brekkie in the morning if I'm at work (I'm not a morning person and just can't bring myself to get out of bed any earlier....)
Any ideas, or can anyone suggest a tasty low GI cereal?

At the moment I'm eating:
Light'n'tasty macademia and honey cereal with skim milk (Sanitarium- an Aussie brand) - which is flakes, wholegrains and oat clusters BUT does have sugar in it as well as the honey.

Weetabix wild berry mini-bites with skim milk - which I'm pretty sure must be high GI as weetabix are.

Protein 1st cereal (Goodness Superfoods)- which has been GI tested (36 , yay!), but that goes soft in milk (I only like cereals that stay crunchy), so I'll have it with a low fat yoghurt instead.

What does everyone else have if its warm?
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ruth frances

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Ooo, I just looked at the nutritional info on the Weet-Bix bites, and the second ingredient is sugar, they might have to go in the bin...


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When I used to eat cereals for breakfast during summer time, I would eat All bran fiber plus one. You could add some nuts, seeds, fruits, or dried fruits to them. Another one of my favorites was No sugar added musli, and have some dried fruits with it.


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I'm the same in the mornings, I'll do anything for an extra few minutes of sleep. Here are a few ideas:

- Make your own granola? I've made this one before too and it was nice as they give lots of ideas to customise it to your taste. I used agave nectar as the liquid sweetener.

Fanatic Cook: Granola

Sadly I think any cereal without a sugary coating will go soggy a bit quicker. :(

- AllBran is also low GI so far as I know, and unsweetened bran flakes too. Make sure you get some nuts or seeds in there as well as yoghurt or milk.

- Make up a frittata (or little mini-muffin frittatas) to keep in the fridge. You could then grab a wedge as needed.

- Go all continental and have a little bit of ham, cheese, cut up tomato/cucumber and a few olives.

- Find a low GI muffin recipe you like, make a batch to freeze and defrost one overnight.

- Something with hardboiled eggs.

- A smoked salmon and cream cheese wholegrain wrap if you can find one that's low GI.

- Oat bread (from the scones recipe in the recipe thread) with peanut butter.

ruth frances

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Ooo, there's some great ones there! I particularly like the mini frittatas- that's such a great idea.
And I know I should probably invest in some All bran, but I just can't bring myself to do it....

irish molly

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Plum has covered all the best ideas for breakfast.
In a rush, even some yoghurt with a teaspoon of seeds in it is great as are the standby hard boiled eggs.

ruth frances

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Made some mini-muffin fritattas the day Plum suggested it - came out yum, but our muffin pan is pretty shallow, and I left them ' rising' space because I'm an idiot, so they were more like circular fritatta discs rather than muffins....
I like the hardboiled egg idea too - I can eat that in the car : )