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Bride to be august 2012

So this time Im really focussed!!!
Want to loose nearly 2 stone before I get married next august.
Only got engaged 2 weeks ago but that means all the celebrating has been done and the diet starts NOW!! (Ive drunk enough champagne in the last week or two to sink a ship!)
Here goes...

Day 1: EE

Milk in tea - HEA
Bk - 2 scrambled eggs, grapes at morning break
Lunch - Salad with ham and FF cottage cheese; 1 bag salt and vinegar snack-a-jacks (4.5syns)
tea - beans and ww chips with mushrooms.

Tea - TBC
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Ah thanks Glitter - congratulations to you too!!! I see weve both got 140lbs as our goal..............Id be doing cartwheels on the day if I got to 9st 13lbs though!!
Day 2

Wednesday 16th Nov - EE Day

Milk in tea HEA
Bk - 28g Oats for porridge HEB (made with water), small banana

Lunch - 1 mugshot, fruit salad

Tea - Prawns, egg noodles and stir fry veg.
1sp oil - 1syn, half pack stir fry sauce - 3 syns and 1 curly wurly - 6 syns
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Thurs - EE

Milk in tea - HEA

Bk - 28g oats HEB, blueberries

Lunch - Mugshot, strawberries

4 marshmallows - 4syns

5.30pm - Back to class weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tea - salmon fillet & roasted veggie couscous
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I went to WI last night (strictly speaking it was my first joining meeting) which put my starting weight as 11st 9lb. Thats 3 lbs lighter than I was on my own scales on monday (I also checked on my home scales after class and they too said 11.9) so woo-hoo - Im counting that as a 3lb loss!!

Milk in tea - HEA

Bk - porridge and blueberries HEB

Snack - a pear

Lunch - Jacket spud with FF cottage cheese and salad

Tea - Curry tea... its the law on a friday!!!! Boiled rice and a chicken rogan josh (just the chicken, not the extra sauce!!) 6.5syns, 175ml wine 6.5syns
= 13syns
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Milk in tea - HEA

bk ff fruit yogurt, banana

lunch - jacket & beans

tea - spag bol (eating out) minus my HEB of oil so only synning it as 1.5
2 glasses of wine 13 syns

= 14.5syns
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brunch - poached eggs, 2 slices lean bacon, beans, toms.

Milk in tea - HEA

Snack a jacks - 4.5syns

tea - roast beef, new potatoes, peas, carrots
gravy (3syns) horsereadish sauce (1)

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Just subscribing to your diary hope you done mind chuck :)

dont mind at all... good to have some company along the journey. X
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Monday 21st Nov

Milk in tea - HEA

Bk - 28g oats, blueberries

Lunch - Mugshot, grapes

Snack - Mullerlight

Tea - Salmon fillet, ww bulgar wheat, peppers and onions. 1/2 tsp olive oil (1syn)

= 1syn
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EE Day

Milk in tea - HEA

Bk - scrambled egg, 2 dried figs (HEB)

Lunch - Mugshot, grapes and tangerine

2 large snack a jacks (5syns)

Tea - Syn Free Lentil & spinach curry with boiled rice
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Milk in Tea - HEA

BK - 28g oats (HEB), frozen berries

Lunch - Mugshot & fruit salad

Tea - Pasta with a roasted veggie sauce
2 glasses of wine - 13syns (not the best plan the night before WI but hey-ho!)
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Thursday - WI day

Milk in tea - HEA
Bk - Mullerlight and a banana

Lunch - chicken & sweetcorn soup (3syns)

Weigh in - another lb off!!!!:)

Tea - Singapore vermicelli from the chinese Syns?????????????? Im going along with a special chow mein although this is dryer and so I think it may be less syns. I'll call it the remaining 12 from my daily allowance.



Milk in tea - HEA
Bk - 28g Bran flakes and chopped banana
Snack - 2 satsumas

Lunch - leftover potato and lentil curry, salad & an apple 1 cadburys mini (2.5syns)

Tea - Boiled rice, fish tikka (8syns)
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So today is going to be a long day. xmas fair at work !!!
At least it will be busy and will keep me away from the fridge...having a feew hungry days.
So today...

Bk- poached eggs with fry light fried mushrooms with a slice or two of ham

milk in coffee- HEA

lunch - a mugshot (having lots of these as they were on offer) an apple

tea... ????
:553: Congratulations on your engagement. Looking forward on you reaching your goal. Keep focused. Stay positive.

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