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Bride to be...

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Hope you've all had a lovely christmas and are now back on track! I got engaged over christmas, so there was plenty over excess here, but been back on track since monday and can honestly say I've stuck to plan 100%.

The plan at the moment is to get married in Feb 2011, I've been having lots of fun searching the web for venues, flowers, cakes and bridemaid dresses.

Unfortunately when it comes to my dress I don't know where to start, at the moment all I know is I don't want to look/weigh as much as I do today on my wedding day! I don't want to set myself a goal weight or dress size as I don't want to become obsessed with it and let the pressure take over, I just want to be able to look at my size in the mirror and feel confident, but I know we're talking at least 1.5st.

Just wondered what anyone else out there did about it, as I don't want to start looking at dresses untill I'm closer to the shape I want to be as I don't want to pick one and then my shape totally change, I know they can make alterations so I dont have to be exactly there, but i do want to feel confident in my shape when I'm trying them on.

Any thoughts on the subject would be great, all advice welcome!

Thanks xxx
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I'm getting married in June and will have to look shortly for my dress even though I haven't lost a lot. I'm planning to pick one, buy a size lower which can hopefully be amended more if I lose another dress size. You don't have to look just yet - you could leave it at least 6 months to see how you go - the lead time I'm told is 16 weeks (4 months).

C xx

Devon Dolce

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Hi hun, congratulations! We got engaged on Christmas Eve so had lots to celebrate! We're not getting married until 2012 but still had a sneek peak at some wedding bits!! Sorry not sure when you need to do all the dress trying on etc. but a pound a week is a good steady loss if that helps so you can work backwards from the wedding date to dress fitting etc. xxx


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Pop into some of your local dress shops - they should be able to give you some idea of how long the lead time on dresses is. It varies quite dramatically dependent on what country the dress is coming from, whether it's mass produced, and also when your wedding is (February should avoid the high demand summer, but if your dress is coming from China, you have to factor in that everywhere shuts in China for Chinese New Year, etc etc).

Dress shops are best placed to advise you - once you have that information, you'll have a better idea when you need to start looking at and buying a dress (worry about the size closer to then).

Hope that helps a bit, and congrats on the engagement!


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I'm getting married in May 2011, the first thing I did when my fiance proposed in November was join SW! I'm a size 16 at the moment, and I decided I won't be trying on dresses until I'm a size 12! I have lost 16lbs so far, but unfortunately haven't gone down a dress size yet!
Can't wait to try dresses on though, it's a great incentive to lose weight!!!
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Damn all of you getting married.
Now that were moving in together i certainly wont be getting engaged anytime soon haha. (not meaning to sound totally ungreatful there haha)

anyways back to you lots, congrats to everyone!
I can also confirm the least amount of time you have is 4 months, unless you are willing to just buy one thats already in stock, in the size and length it is that is usually in stock for people to look at rather than buy type of thing. Atleast thats what the lady in the wedding store told me.. ( dont judge me.. lol)

- personally ( proberly just me being silly ) but i dont want ANYONE else to have tried on and worn MY dress. Id rather order 4-6 months before!

lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi hun!

Congratulations!!! I am getting married in 2011 too - in May. I picked my dress in November (early I know lol) and when I went I was nervous because I knew I was heavier than I will be on the day. But don't worry - it was amazing!

When you call to make appointments, they may ask your current dress size (one lady did with me). Most in the shops I went to ranged from a 10-16, but there are so many to choose from it's not a problem. Some of the ones I tried were too small for me - but it was fine - it's just open at the back. Others were too big on me - and they just hold it back to show you how it'll look.

And as for the sizing...well, once you pick The One ask them what the time is to have it made. They'll be able to tell you when to come in for a sizing that way. I am not due to go into the store to have myself measured until May this year, so it gives 12months for it to be made and stuff. I plan to be at T by then, but if not, they can alter dresses by a fair bit (depending on style) and that can go up until 3 weeks before the date.

Have fun! It's so amazing. I cried when I wore my gown the second time - as I knew it was defo the one I wanted. For the first time in a long time I felt confident in my skin (wedding gowns are SO flattering lol) and I actually thought I looked beautiful...and I've never ever ever thought that about myself.

This is the one thing about the wedding that is down to you and nobody else. My Mum, the first time I tried it on, said she didn't like it and it upset me. She didn't mean to but it did. It made me waver a little but in the end, no dress matched it at all. It was what I likes and what I wanted.

Also, I went with an idea of my dress...plain, no fancy beads etc, no veil or tiara. I ended up with a full skirted dress, fully boned, with beading AND lace decoration and a veil lol! So just be open to other styles...the ladies know what they mean! I didn't like one gown she showed me at all but she talked me into it and it looked great!

Good look - wedding planning is great :) xxx
Congrat's to all the future brides. Thought I would share my experience on dresses. Our wedding is in Oct this year. I have been to a few dress shops that specify a lead time of 6 months for a dress which needs ordering in. I plan to have a sophia tolli dress and will order in 3 months time a size smaller then what I will be then as I was told to take the dress in I want is fine but it can only be taken out at the seams 1 size (if that) But another dress I seen could go back out more so I guess it depends on the dress and style etc. Most of our things are now booked and paid for only my dress and b/m's dresses to go but both my b/m's weight changes all the time so leaving theirs untill 4 months before the date.xx
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hi and congrats :D i am getting married in july, ordered my dress ages ago, but am hoping to be able to get it taken in a bit after sw'ing the next few months. dresses can usually be taken in a couple of sizes quite easily, but not out very much, so if in doubt get a size bigger. most dresses as said before can be made in about 4 months, giving u time to buy smaller when u get there. i have booked my first dress fitting this morning, and it will be 6 weeks before my wedding (as standard she said) hoping to have shrunk by then (mid june)
Hi Girls,

I'm an old & married. I got married in May 2009. Here's a bit of what I found when I was sorting out my wedding bits & bobs. Firstly I would say don't put yourself under too much pressure when it comes to losing pounds as I did & got really obsessed by it & then about 3 months before my wedding my mum got sick (still is) & I totally fell off the wagon. I managed to loose enough to be happy but not exactly where I wanted to be. All I am saying is take it nice & steady on your slimming world journey & you will be fine. Also I tried loads of dresses on before I lost any weight & totally changed my mind on what I wanted so if you have a look now it will give you a good idea in the future what you would like. Also all dresses can be altered but obviously the more frilly the more complicated. And finally haggle with the dress shop you maybe able to get free alterations thrown in, I did, BUT make sure you get it in writting so they can't back out. You have more chance with this in independant shops

Hope that helps

Lucie x

BTW I have put pretty much all the weight & more back on since I got married so I would say SW is for life not just for weddings!!!
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Hi, congrats on the new engagements! I'm getting married in August this year. I have been doing the cambridge diet - lots about 1.5stone already but would like to lose another 1-1.5 stone really before my big day.

In terms of dress trying, I probably would give yourself some time to lose some weight before trying anything on. I have been told you need to leave yourself about 8 months for it to come in and then alterations to be made. The dress I have bought I first tried on in Jan 08 and didn't like! I then lost 1.5stone and tried it on again in September, under the advice of the shop assistant, and loved it! It looked totally different on where I'd lost the weight and it was a size 12, (I had been a size 16). I couldn't believe the difference in it and because it fits me now it has taken the pressure off for any further weight loss. I do need to lose the weight from my xmas indulgence though and would like to lose an extra stone so I am a more comfortable size 12 as more a 14 in most clothes atm. I have to say I felt so much better trying the dresses on after losing my initial weight - it felt like a reward and so worth the hard work.

The cambridge diet itself has been great in that its disciplined and works fast. I need something with immediate results to boost my motivation into continuing with the weight loss and changing my lifestyle for good. Also, when I began to reintroduce food I thought it might pile in, but in fact I continued to lose weight as it had retrained the way i thought about food. Would definately recommend.

Best of luck, congrats again and do keep me posted all in how you get on with both weight loss goals and wedding dress purchases!
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Hi all,

Congrats on all of your engagements! I haven't been on here since last year in the run up to my Wedding (May 09). I was lucky enough to loose 2 stone before my big day, but my problem was the opposite.. i had to order my dress 6 months in advance, which i did, but once i'd had 2 fittings ( both times it had to be made smaller) i was told i COULDN'T loose anymore weight as they couldn't take the dress in anymore!!?!? I felt loads better in my dress than i would have done before i lost the 2stone, but would liked to have lost more.

So my words of advice would be to check with the shop how much different dresses can be taken in.

I'm back on S/W now, as i put on half a stone between Nov and Jan (ahem) and hope to loose another 2 stone this year...

Hope this helps.. i'll perhaps see if i can post a pic of my in my dress if anyone would like?

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please post piccie of dress!!!

I too am getting married this year, and decided to 'go for' losing 3 stone, and stopping a month before the wedding hoping that is enough time for final alterations, ?? not sure but will ask dress maker when I find one!

I am horrified that I may have to order 6 months in advance, that only gives me 2 months to get a head start on weight loss and dropping a few sizes! (planning for september) OMG Panic setting in!

mmm calm thoughts.... calm thoughts...


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