Extra Easy BritMumInCanada is a genius!!


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I think BritMumInCanada is a genius!! I cooked her recipe for roasted salmon with rice pilaf last night and it was sensational! My hubbie thought it was one of the best meals I've made him!! She regularly posts recipes with photos that are so inspiring and delicious I want to make all of them (and I will!!) I just think that her threads sum up what is great about Minimins because she is inspiring people and sharing her experience and talents and I think that helping each other stay motivated to eventually get to goal (and beyond) is what it's all about! All the recipes are super easy to cook! If you haven't already, check out her blog at Living Life the Extra Easy Way
Thanks BritMumInCanadaKeep and keep them coming! You're helping to add a lot of variety to my food life!! (NB I am not working for BritMumInCanada or have any connection with her whatsoever apart from discovering her on Minimins and becoming a big fan!!!):DX
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Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Good!! That's how I felt when I saw all her mouthwatering food pics and realised how easy the recipes were!! X


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I am absolutely agree. When I don't know what to have for meal, I alwais have a look at her blog and I find what I needed. Big Thank you and from me BritMamInCanada for your blog. By the way, and the pictures are as in professional cookbook.


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Thanks BritMum as I also look to your recipes for ideas on what to make too :) Also thanks to all the others who share their pictures and menus too as it really does help.


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I know exactly what you mean. I was nosing through her posts and decided to make her mild chicken curry for tonight :)

Thanks Britmum :)


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She truely is fab!

Her blod os saved on my favourites and i've a huge list of recipes to try over the next few months! LOL

I've even directed people to her blog for recipes from a baby/parenting forum, to keep them motivated.

Thanks Britmum!!! x x


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i made her chinese chicken salad the other night and it was fab


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Well done Britmum, I have made a few of your recipes too, and your blog is excellent.


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Yep, 3 cheers!!!! :)
Thanks for the inspiration BritMum! And please keep the brill ideas coming! xxx


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I agree, I am about to join SW (Wednesday) and have a bank of recipes that i will be cooking for the whole family thanks to Britmum, a big Thank you x


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I totally agree 100%! Britmum is FAB! So far I have done her Beef Stroganoff and her Lemon and Garlic Seafood Salad! Both were SO tasty and wonderful! She is an inspiration! :clap: xx


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awww thank you so much everyone.

I started my blog because I thought it would be good to have somewhere I could record my thoughts, general rambling and recipes, especially as living in Canada means I have no group meeting I can go to. I needed something to keep me motivated.

In the process I have discovered I have a real passion for cooking (which is prob why I got overweight in the first place lol), but now I have also found I love the challenger of trying to convert some of my all time favorite meals into much more healthier versions as well as coming up with lots of new recipes and the best part of all, is sharing them with other's and seeing how much they enjoy them too.



Never gets tired of SW!
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Well I had to start a thread about you because you deserve it! You're such an inspiration to people (and your food is always so wonderfully presented on that signature red plate!!)XXX


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I also agree. Britmum is a real start.. thanks hun, for your recipes and inspiration! xxx


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I can heartily recommend her curry it's lovely . Brit mum your blog is fab .