Brittany Murphy: did anorexia play a part in her death?

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The press seem to be placing much of their focus on the prescription medication and possible eating disorder. If she was anorexic (I shall keep my opinion out of it) then her death once again highlights the plight of those who suffer with eating disorders.

I'm just wondering, if any of the press have considered the possibility that she fell victim to swine flu?

We may never really no what happened to her. I just hope there's not too much press intrusion-her family should be left in peace to grieve.


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WHy can't people just keel over anymore?


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She was taking HIN1 medication (for treatment of possible swine flu after reporting severe flu-like symptoms) in the days leading up to her death, and was also type 2 diabetic, as well as having a 'recreational' drug habit. Her friends are saying they were waiting for it to happen.

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WHy can't people just keel over anymore?

Joe nobody in the street can die of natural causes, but when a celebrity dies, it has to be of a sinister cause. A famous person can't just die of natural causes, it's not allowed. it won't sell enough papers.

The woman is dead, it's not like she can defend herself. The press are just vultures


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yeah i agree the press dont let anyone rest in peace, ie michael jackson, heath ledger and so in, the need to sell papers so they bring so much BS into it