Step 1 Sole Source Bride on a Mission - 13 stone in 13 months!

Well hello all you lovely people! I’m back again after what seems like forever!!!!!

I’ve had the craziest few months – it’s been an emotional rollercoaster filled with more highs and lows than the Christmas episode of Eastenders!

So I guess I should update on the diet front. So I had a full blown meltdown at the end of April as I kept getting my little seizure things again – but since then I have been ok so far…. I’ve been a little down sometimes but I am taking Bacopa to try and help with this.

As well as that I was being tested for thyroid issues and was being referred for grief counselling to deal with the loss of my Daddy (who knew all that time I was giving my poor OH a hard time, I wasn’t actually a b***h I was just grieving? Huh…)

The doctor actually stopped me from doing Cambridge or any VCLD or as it’s now known MRP until he had my bloods all worked out. I had a high cholesterol and was getting bad pains in my sides, they thought maybe gallstones but turns out I was fine… nothing to worry about.

The therapy helped a little – but I did stop in the end. I don’t think therapy helps with grief. You just have to go through it. I spent lots of nights crying and being angry at the world and God for taking my Dad away from me. But I’m starting to make my peace with it. I still feel terribly sad, my dad was so young (only 49) and still had so much life left to live. I’ve found that talking about him and my feelings with my OH or friends, just sharing memories have helped. Before I couldn’t even mention him or I just burst into tears. Now I do get emotional sometimes but it’s getting a little better. Not easier as such, just different.

Work has been ABSOLUTE hell – but I got a promotion a month ago, changed my line manager and since then it’s been fun again. I’m enjoying the thrill of the job again and I am starting to feel like myself again. I hadn’t realised how much my Dad’s death affected me, not just with missing him, but just every aspect of my life. I lost my sparkle for a little while but I feel month by month it’s starting to come back again.

After having a long chat with my doctor he agreed now was the time to re-start the plan. My weight went back up to 22 stone 11lbs (comfort eating…. What else?) So I know I need to tackle this. But on the plus side, whilst I came off plan before, my lovely man stayed on plan and is now a Cambridge weight plan consultant (West London – if anyone needs a consultant!)

It’s great for me as I get the products at the retail price but also because I have him there 24/7 to make sure I don’t slip up and cheat. And yes he will wrestle a doughnut from my hands if need be lol.

I’m so proud of him, he’s only been qualified for a month and already has clients and is up and running. He’s loving the feeling of helping people also :). He went from 19 and a half stone to 13 stone in 5 months.

He’s been at goal from the beginning of June and has maintained ever since. He goes to the gym, eats a balanced diet (aside from doughnut wrestling :) ) and is generally the happiest he’s ever been.

Anyways – new goal has been set and I am determined to get there within the year. I have a family wedding next July and I have picked a dress from Forever Unique that I would absolutely love to wear!

Fingers crossed for a nice fat 11lb loss this week so I can see a nice 21 in front of my weight again!
Morning fellow chub clubbers ( it's a term of endearment not an insult - I'm from Nothern Ireland , hence the humour :))

Day 2 on plan - yesterday flew by. I had my toffee bar in the morning, Chicken and Mushroom soup at Lunch, a choco tetra at 4pm and then a small meal of chicken & sweetcorn in the eve.

I love that they have now changed the plan to include sweetcorn in the veggies and that you can have a small amount of lean red meat. I so missed that before. I've noticed that the bars taste a little different to before, still nice and still by far Cambridge do the nicest bars across all the companies but it definitely has a slight tang to it now. Saltiness maybe?

Last night was spent making plaques and tidying the apartment. We have people coming to view our flat tonight so had to make it presentable. Thankfully I'll be at work incase they ask about the neighbours... I'm too honest and what I tell them would 100% put them off unless they like Spawns of Satan lol. Only joking - but the kids on my floor are a complete and utter nightmare! They are constantly running up and down the floors, screaming and their parents just remain oblivious to the amount of noise the kids make!

So glad to be moving buildings to one with less people on the floor. There is only 3 other apartments whereas currently we have another 8 or 9......

Today is going well so far - 1 litre of water down already, aiming for 2 litres by 12pm and then another 1 litre before hometime!

I've also had a cheeky sip of Coke Zero.... I'm sorry but it gives me a wee boost of energy which I so need today!

Anyways best get off here and get some work done! Roll on 5pm for hometimes!

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