Step 1 Sole Source Bride on a Mission - 13 stone in 13 months!

Hello All


So I'll stick to the basics here because I could ramble for Belfast - I'm Lyndsey, 28 , engaged to the absolute love of my life (seriously I'm a nightmare and he puts up with me so I won the fiance lottery!) and living in London. I'm originally from Belfast but moved here for love 6 years ago (He's a London boy) - but fly back and forth quite a bit.

I did the Cambridge diet probably about 3 years ago now - and managed to lose 6 stone in 5 months. I felt amazing but still had 4 stone to go to get to goal. I gave up - my own fault really, Xmas came up, we got engaged, there was lots of drinks and meals to celebrate and before I knew it my size 16 jeans where feeling tight. At first after Christmas I cut right back on my food - I knew Christmas was a "one off" (I know - so naive!) so I almost stopped eating , restricting my diet to only having protein and veggies and the weight came off again. Then I stopped trying - and a vicious cycle commenced again.

So I convinced myself I didn't need a plan as restrictive of Cambridge and I would follow slimming world...... big mistake. If you tell me I can have unlimited pasta, I will eat unlimited pasta!

I must have been the only person after the first week to gain weight! I was so embarrassed and annoyed I didn't bother going back. I then convinced myself Weight Watchers was the way forward..... (by now I'd already regained like 2 stone!) -lasted a few weeks on WWer's before I became seriously annoyed at all the prep I had to do food wise and I was eating like a rabbit and exercising for 1 lb a week loss - I don't think so!

So I decided I would just "try it alone" and I was fine for a while. I lost my weight again and managed to maintain for maybe 6 months before my life was turned totally upside down. I'd just gone home to visit my family and to see wedding venues with the Fiance (let's call him London Boy) as we had decided to have a wedding at home due to the beautiful scenery we have in NI and was feeling so content and happy. We chose a venue (Galgorm Resort and Spa) and where starting to think about dates etc - everything felt so in place.

Fast forward two weeks and I received a call at work to say that my Daddy had passed away from a heart attack in his sleep. He was 49 years old. I was devastated. I flew home immediately and spent two weeks with my family just trying to get our head around what had happened. While we where in Belfast, we also received a call to say that our darling little dog Louie had to be put down - he'd had a seizure and when the vet seen him and completed their tests they established that it was a tumor and there was no way to cure him. Our beautiful Boy had to go to sleep. I like to think Louie knew I needed someone up there to help keep an eye on my Daddy <3 I can tell you it wasn't a great few weeks in Sept 2014. London Boy was amazing though - he stayed by my side through the whole thing and never once faltered - even though he was devastated about our Dog Louie (as it was originally only his dog but I adopted him into my heart once we moved in together). I miss my Daddy everyday and still cry when I think of him. It breaks my heart that I will never see him again.

The result of a stressful and emotionally exhausting time was that I needed comfort. And what do I find most comforting ..... FOOD. Lots and Lots of Food!

I started Binge eating, literally if it was edible and wasn't nailed down it went down my gob! It's carried on pretty much the whole of 2015 and finally at the end of last year I just snapped! I have had enough. I deserve better. London Boy and I finally set a date and booked our venue in May last year - after a while we started to want to have something to look forward to - I know it's going to be hard without my Daddy there to walk me down the aisle, but I also know I want something positive for my family to enjoy.

So our big day is set for May 2018 - seems like ages away but actually it's already flying by - we did want 2017 but my cousin picked the same venue (different rooms though!) for her day and I didn't want to have it so close together - people naturally make comparisons etc and I just didn't want the hassle. I decided to join CWP again because I know next year (2017) I'm going to be looking for a dress and I just don't want to have limits on what I can wear. I want to walk down the aisle feeling and looking like a princess. I don't want to have to choose a dress because it's the only one that fits. I want to choose one because I know it looks Damn good on me!

But my reasons are not just superficial.

My Daddy had a long colourful history with his health before the heart attack - diabetes (type 1) at the age of 27/28 - numerous hospital visits when we where kids, eventually he took diabetic ulcers and lost both of his legs , carpel tunnel in his wrists from constantly wheeling his chair or using crutches - which required surgery to fix. I am terrified of ending up with Diabetes if I don't change. Loosing him , although it didn't give me an immediate wake up call - over time I know it has. I know I need to change - first of all lose this weight but then maintain a healthier lifestyle afterwards.

I plan on becoming an Councillor once I am completed - number 1 reason why is for accountability. I know I wouldn't want an overweight CWP Councillor so I know it will keep me in check. Number 2 reason is because I know how hard it is to be the "big girl" or the "fat friend" and I know how difficult it is to break the cycle of comfort or binge eating. But I reckon if I can complete the plan and lose every lb I need to, how amazing would it be to inspire others to do the same?

London Boy is also following the plan with me - he only has a few stone to lose so he'll be done WAYYYY before me but it's fine - I'm proud of him for joining me on this journey. 2016 is totally going to be our year!

I stared on Step 2 for a few weeks (BMI issues) and then I'll move down to Sole Source. And I'll probably stay on sole source for a good six months ( bar "food weeks") and then start moving up.

As of yesterday when I started I was 23 stone 2lbs (shocking!!!) My goal weight is 10.7lbs (I'm tall - 5' 10"). That means I have a total of 177lbs to lose. I plan to be at goal in March 2017. At a worst case. I always aim for the worst case - then you can never be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised!

Aiming for a nice 8lb loss this week - gotta keep the water intake up - nearly at 2 litres for today already so another 1 litre before I finish work and then another 1 litre before bed should keep the headaches at bay. Fingers crossed!

I look forward to meeting you all in the next few months :)

L x
Hi CupCake,

Thanks for sharing you story, its so good to meet others who are starting on this journey, I really hope we can support each other on the way. Its great you have Mr LB to do the plan with but pah dieting with men - they loose it so flippin quick you need some girl friends for the journey too!

Sorry to hear of your losses, I recognise the need to emotional eat - I do it whether the occasion is happy or sad it is all a reason to eat! I am hoping that this diet will teach me only to eat when I am actually hungry.

I downloaded the CWP&ME app which I think works on iphones and android. It has this feature where you can upload photos, I put some fat pics on and then took photos at the beginning of week one as I am week two now i am going to take some more tonight in the same clothes and see if there is even a teeny tiny difference. I had to pay but I think it was like £2.00.

Hope the rest of day one goes well

Ellie x
Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your response and your tip about the app - I'll have a wee nosey tonight and download. I love taking pictures - first time round I didn't take any pics until 12 week mark from 1st week and the change was amazing! I'd lost nearly 4.5 stone by then so to actually see it was really motivating.

I am a total foodie - I can't help it , it makes me so happy to eat. But the feelings afterwards of self loathing are no longer worth it. Plus I can no longer get my stunning engagement ring on my fat sausage fingers lol. London Boy proposed when I was like 7 stone lighter so no surprise really that it doesn't fit. It's a beautiful sparkly ring and I miss wearing it. London Boy is not amused lol!

I know what you mean - LB is so good on this diet, he has no emotional attachment to food at all, and he finds it so easy. I only have to sniff Bacon and I'm a quivering wreck! My friend from work is also on the diet , so we can keep each other motivated. She doesn't live far either so hoping once weather improves we can get out for walks at the weekend and really encourage each other.

How did your first week go??

L xxx
So onto Day 3 - woke up and my head was less fuzzy today - although pretty sure the tang in my mouth is the first telltale signs of Storm Ketosis coming! YAY!!!:p:p

I cannot wait to get into Ketosis and have all the lovely warm fuzziness it brings - especially the no hunger. That part is a blast! The 3 periods a month, hair loss and general run down feeling is not soo great!

But needs must. I can totally be a bald bride if need be. Do bald heads + Sophia Tolli dresses go together?? ( I am obsessed with her gowns, I literally drool looking at them Got one pinned up at the front of my fridge at home to keep me motivated.)

Last night was uneventful which was surprisingly nice. Came home, made a lovely dinner with my chicken (245g is actually alot!!) and courgetti noodles (80gs - not a drop over!) and I had kept a packet of soup back so I could use it as a "sauce" over the meal. I used less water in the soup so it was thicker and it was actually delicious. Not quite Pizza Express but definitely palatable. Kinda like a low rent thai chicken curry.

I am definitely going to be making that again. Think this weekend I'll make the turkey burgers and the cous cous (brocolli and cauliflower blitzed together) as I remember I loved that last time.

Once I'd eaten last night, I tided up and then sat down to paint - I make weight loss plaques to sell on Ebay. My Cambridge Councillor spotted my own one hanging when she visited on Sunday and has now ordered 20 of them from me :) So that sale alone cancels out the cost of Cambridge for me next week #winning!;)

So I sat and painted for about an hour and then started to feel the niggly feeling of a headache - and I wasn't staying conscious enough to feel the full effects. Off for a shower + bed I went. I managed to get a good 9 hours sleep in last night which is excellent for me. I woke up today feeling refreshed (well more refreshed than yesterday). Had a SP at the scales (I couldn't help it, I'm impatient) and glad to see they are moving already - downwards which is the best way for them to move! Think the 8lb loss will definitely be achievable this week so I'm feeling positive.

Got a busy day ahead at work - I work for a large retailer in their Head Office and have pretty much had the most manic few weeks in the history of my job here (and I've been here 5 years in March!) it's been crazy. Got a few meetings going on but mostly it's just clearing out my inbox of junk and finally starting on my to-do list! I add to it every week and rarely complete them all - there's never any time!

And on that note, I best get off here and get crackin! Have a fab Tuesday everyone :)

L x
Hi L,

Getting your sparkly ring back on must be very motivating. I am still waiting to be brought a sparkler - hopefully it wont be too long:cool:.

My first week was okay, I felt quite down at times because I hate missing out but as the hunger has gone my mood has improved. Physical symptoms have been pretty much okay. I haven't weighed yet as my consultant is away so my first week is 12 days long and ends on Thursday.

I am worried about the stories of hair loss and constant that what you experienced last time?

Anyway good luck on day 4 - I wish you a productive day at work too (nothing beats a tick on the to do list!)

Ellie x
I waited 5 years for my sparkler - London Boy took his sweet time! lol It is beautiful though , I just like looking at it.

I know , I'm exactly the same it can be a very lonely diet to be on - I found that last time I was always missing events and dinners etc but to be at the time it was worth it. This time around I know I have to be just as strict, I have to just stay focused. I do want a holiday with LB at some point as we haven't been away in like 3 years, I've been noseying on Voyage Prive this morning and very tempted to book something for us. They have like the most luxurious holidays for half the price of a travel agent. Probably aim for Sept time so I have been on plan long enough to a) feel better about myself, b) smash it in a bikini and c) have the willpower to not want to undo all my hard work. We did wanna do Rome but it's carbaholic and I would literally eat everything in sight - last time I went I think I gained like a stone in 5 days lol. Pizza for breakfast - sure why not!:p:p

I was one of the unlucky ones who had the weird periods and hair loss. Periods started like a month in - I used to have a period for 10-12 days, then have a 3-4 day break the it would be back again. It repeated over and over like that until I came off the plan. I was so tired all the time from it but Doc said nothing I could do unless I came off the plan. So I'm bracing myself for it again - so is LB , he's not a fan of Hurricane Lyndsey!

The hair loss wasn't noticeable until the 12 week mark- I usually do shed a decent amount of hair anyways but after the 12 week mark, one night I was in the shower and literally handfuls came out. I was a wreck as I love my deep natural auburn hair and was terrified I'd end up bald. But I rang my hairdresser from home and she told me to start using Nioxin Shampoo , Conditioner and the hair thickener. Bit expensive @ £15.00 a bottle for each but did last a good 2 months so wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I'm trying to pre-empt it this time and I'm going straight on Nioxin. I'm currently online looking for the cheapest retailer for it so I can order some more. I won't lie it's a headache I don't need , but to be honest I was so overjoyed last time with loosing 6 stone and finally feeling happier and healthier that it was really a small price to pay. And my hair grew back normally once I started having normal food. It did also help with my psorisis on my scalp - it cleared it up quite nicely, although I'm certain that this was the result of less junk food and more water.

Aside from this though I didn't really have any other side effects. Hair loss and messed up periods don't sound like fun but in all honesty it really wasn't that bad. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

L xxx
Hi L. Congrats on the decision. Like you I went through all the other options first and ended up here. Who has time for all that point counting and weighing not to mention food preparation in WW? Also like you I put weight on why I tried the Atkins Diet. I mean you can eat cheese and fat and cream.......

Good luck and I hope the side effects are less this time.!
Hi Elsa,

I know - it takes forever to prep for a day on WW or SW, but at least with CWP All i need is my packets :) Makes it so much easier!

It's now day 4 and according to my handy pee on a ketosis stick test - I am in ketosis! I never really got passed the third colour of ketosis (colours from the bottle the sticks come in) even after like 4 months of Cambridge so I know I'm firmly in. No hunger this morning when I immediately wake (usually I'm a total starvo in the mornings, like Tom Hanks in Shipwrecked!) but today I'm fine.

Spent last night cooking and a little prepping. I order my meat from Muscle Food so had 5kg of chicken delivered yesterday ( their chicken breasts are amazing and HUGE!) so I spent the evening chopping it all up (removing yucky bits!) and weighing 245gms into food bags to freeze. Means in the evenings I just need to defrost and throw straight into the pan - no chopping etc.

Once dinner was done I did some more painting - my CDC shared my plaque with one of her Councillors and she emailed to order another 10. So I have 30 to make by Sunday - not unachievable but I'm out Friday night (spending with a fellow Cambridger do-er so easy enough) and then my friend is staying over on Friday and some of Sat. She's not on Cambridge therefore she will be eating. Is it mean if I tell her she can't order food into my house?

I'm not nervous because I'm stronger than wanting to cheat, but it's easier to avoid temptation when you don't have to see it turn up at your door! London Boy bless him has said he'll be the bearer of bad news to her if need be :)

Let's see what happens. Not drinking enough water today so need to work on that before end of the day. Had to give in and have a cheeky can of Coke Zero this morning - felt so heavy in my stomach but did give me a moment of joy :) It's the little things....

L xx
Work has been dragging today but the lovely Ketosis buzz is well and truely kicked in. I feel more alert, I am more focused at work which I remember was a fab side effect from last time around.

My job is manic at the best of times so having a level head definitely helps. I keep thinking of the future though and what it would be like to be a Cambridge consultant full time and it makes me excited. I would so love to be able to help people and build a strong network of girls and boys who have done the plan and who can then go off and help others. LB and I plan to move back to Northern Ireland once we have the wedding out of the way (we need the London salaries to pay for it - my LB has expensive tastes!) so we plan to both be Councillors there. I will of course have a normal job as well to start with as building up a client base can take time but I so desperately want it.

I'm finishing work in about half an hour and I can't wait. Straight on the train (luckily I work right beside Paddington) , jump into Wilko to pick up a parcel and then home to relax and paint!

We've got an inspiring Women's event tomorrow at work (we have one once a month and they are amazing), and they have a speaker coming to present- Bonita Norris. She was the youngest woman to ever climb Everest (at the time) and I am SO EXCITED. I am beyond obsessed with mountains and anything to do with climbing them. I watch documentary after documentary and read book after book on it and finally I am going to hear an actual account of what it is like!

I have always wanted to climb a mountain myself - I am seriously considering perhaps doing the Kili Trek once I'm at goal and after the wedding (that was LB's stipulation as apparently it's bad luck if your fiance dies on a mountain before the big day - obvs!) A few girls at work have said they would be up for it too - so you never know. I always did love The Sound of Music as a kid #climbeverymountain

Anyways I really should get off here and get ready for hometimes. So over work today it's unreal....

Have a good evening all!
L x
Hi CupCake,

Thanks for the info re side effects and the shampoo tips. I think I am just going to take things one day at a time - no point worrying about something which may never happen :0).

Hooray for day 4 and ketosis...week one is over half way done xxx
Hello Hun,

I honestly wouldn't worry too much - my consultant said I was the first person she had known on CWP that had actually had the hair loss. It is quite rare I believe and it is temporary.

Day 5 today - and again feeling the lovely ketosis buzz. Sleeping really well at the moment which I am sure is because I am not buzzed up on sugar at 10pm every night like I usually would be. I'm asleep by 10.30pm at the latest and I am sleeping right through until 7am when I have to get up. Some nights I am even asleep before half 10 which is lovely. I want to ideally be in a position in the next few weeks where I am in bed by 9pm, and ready for sleep by 9.30 - 10pm. If I get to sleep earlier I'll find it easier to wake up so I can get up earlier and get the bus to work instead of the train. My company has offices near my house and they have a free shuttle bus service that goes back and forth every day - and it's free. I should really aim to get this again instead of spending money on the train.

I'm quite lucky that I have a Freedom Pass for London Travel (I have a condition that prevents me from driving for now) so I qualify for free travel for 5 years. However that excludes the overground services so I pay £100 a month to get the train in the mornings. Not a lot by London standards (I know some people paying £500 + a year) but still that's £1200 a year that I could save towards the wedding.

Work will be busy today (lots of horrible excel work to do) so at least that will keep me distracted. Really excited for my WI this week - hoping and praying for an 8lb loss, but any lb off will be a win for me. Will be nice to see the scales going down, instead of up :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!
L xx
Mood is wicked today..... I am so grumpy and grouchy. I keep thinking of weigh in day but at the moment even that is not enough to spur me on!

Not wanting food or anything like that, but everyone seems to be getting on my nerves today. I am snappy and irritated and cannot wait to get home and under the covers.

Day seems to be going quickly though which is a bonus - for once it's not dragging. This morning has been busy, plenty of emails to keep me busy. Haven't looked at my to-do list again as it depresses me, although I think by default I am ticking some off - by actioning bits in my inbox!

I guess I'll see tomorrow when I go through and prep my list for next week. I am so looking forward to the weekend - I live for the weekends now. Before in my last job when I was at uni and just finished uni I worked crazy hours as a care assistant - 7am - 5pm every day and 7pm - 11pm every night sometimes for a whole month before I had a day off. Sure I made pretty good money but I was exhausted. I had like 3 months off work when I first moved to London and it was heavenly :)

London Boy always told me that a 9-5 Monday to Friday was the way to go and he was right. I joined M&S 5 years ago and have loved every second - as much as work drives me crazy, I literally do love my job. If I could work from home every day and do this job I would probably be the happiest ever - it's being around the people that sometimes is too much for me.

I'm a very insular person, I don't really play well with others lol - I guess I just like my own company. I make myself laugh - what more is there to life? :)
Best go make a soup and pretend I'm not slightly irritated that all of my colleagues have gone to Pizza Express for lunch..... Not a huge fan of Pizza Express anyways :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

L xxx
I feel your pain, last week my colleagues all went of to lunch together for a curry after giving me an hour long lecture about crash diets, I could of either sobbed in to my vegetable soup or taken them all out one by one :D. Do you weigh on Saturday? That's not long now....keep going lovely xxx
Hello Hun,

I weigh on a Sunday morning - so fingers crossed. Had another SP this morning (I can't help it, makes me excited!) and the scales are looking very very promising. Just need them to keep moving on down and I'll be a very happy girlie!

Had a bit of a late one at work last night, so by the time I got home I just about scoffed my chocolate tetra and got ready for bed. I was shattered. Slept well again - although getting up to pee in the night from all the water. Aww well at least the Kidneys will be happy :)

My friend is now not staying with me tonight as LB needs the sofa to sleep on - he has allergies and his chest is bad at the moment so sleeping more upright helps. Also helps as our sofa is so comfy!

Planning to finish work at 4pm today and get to my friends for just after 5. Not gonna be a late one for me - probably stay until around 9ish then I'll UBER it home. Quicker than waiting on a train and bus and stuff.

Quiet weekend planned - painting and preparing the plaques I need to, probably all day tomorrow along with getting the washing etc done. House is still pretty clean from we did a mega dive last weekend so not much cleaning to do. Just a touch up of the bathroom and to sweep and mop my floors. Might even squeeze in a cheeky washing machine and dishwasher clean ( well i put products in and run them lol so not much work for me).

Water intake has been very poor today so I need to work on this harder this afternoon. I've only had about a litre whereas by now I'd have closer to 2 litres down. Don't wanna hinder a good result on Sunday so best get drinking!

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday :) :)

L xx
So Weigh in Day today and I absolutely SMASHED my 8lb target......I actually nearly doubled it! I lost a grand total this week of .....*drum roll*.... 13LBS!!!!

I am officially in a new stone bracket and actually nearly in a whole new stone bracket (next week fingers crossed). I feel on top of the world.

I was so nervous as I'd literally on had like 5 hours sleep last night as I was making weight loss plaques for my consultant until late so I thought I was going to have been holding water (I retain when I am tired).

But thankfully nope- all went perfectly! I am SO OVERJOYED :)

This week has been such an emotional roller coaster, but so worth it. Onto Week 2 - probably aiming for like a 4 or 5lb loss next week - I think after 13lbs, anything more would just be greedy and expecting too much from my body!

Weekend was fairly quiet - didn't get home too late from my friends on Friday so managed to squeeze in an hour with the Mr just chilling. Yesterday was not very eventful, just sleep and then painting. Some washing and some tidying but to be honest our house is pretty tidy this week seeing as the cooking has been minimal lol.

I'm off now to do some more painting and to cook my chicken - on the menu today is chicken and brocolli with some of the chicken and mushroom soup poured over :) Yum!!

Have a fab Sunday all

Well done on your loss CC, that is a flying start and well deserved. Roll on week two your going to smash it x
Thanks lovelies! Feeling so positive about it, spent all day yesterday with a giant smile on my face :) How are you both getting on?

Day 9 now - over all the headaches, and emotional distress of last week (getting into ketosis) and enjoying the lovely feeling of happiness I get in ketosis. Feeling positive and it's such a nice change from 2015 as I battled and struggled emotionally for most of the year - I was up and down like a roller coaster. This year I made a promise to myself I would be happier - so far , so good. I think my weight issues where at the very core of my unhappiness but what do you when your weight makes you depressed and very dark and food feels like the only cure for happiness?

I guess I'm learning that food does not equal happiness - food is yes there to be enjoyed in moderation, but it is simply fuel for my body. Delicious fuel sometimes but nevertheless, big bags of chocolate and crisps and cakes every evening do not make me happy. Not after I've eaten them and my belly hurts. No, Food does not make me happy , Food makes me Fat.

Being in control and loosing weight - that makes me very very happy :)

I spent yesterday afternoon painting my plaques as the start of the month is when I list them all on Ebay - I've included a few week piccies to put into context what I am making :) Nothing fancy but they make me happy :)
Hope everyone has a fab Monday!

pink.jpg bumble bee.JPG cream.JPG ladybug.JPG lilac.jpg yellow.JPG
Man oh Man my colleagues like to test me. Currently sitting trying to avoid eye contact with about 20 cakes. It's someone's birthday and I guess water is not as appetizing. Huh - who knew?

I have been rock solid, no caving but I have to admit the Lemon one does look good. I don't even like lemon cake. Evil brain playing tricks.

Been so good on the water today - I suspect it has something to do with the drink mix I can now have :) Although I have had normal water also. I'm tracking nicely on my CWP app - I love this little app although it does crash when I try to enter my goal weight... not sure what that is all about?

Off to a meeting now, and then nearly hometime :)

Thank God Monday is nearly over for another week!

One delightful side effect of the diet is that I am sleeping like a baby. Proper deep sleep which I have struggled to have for over a year. It's lovely and I now actively enjoy going to bed.

Downside to this is that getting up in the morning is a beast! The struggle is REAL.

Day 10 now and I have learned a very valuable lesson - do not SP on the scales! I have not actually lost any lbs since my WI Sunday, infact my scales are saying I've GAINED 2lbs. I did drink copious amounts yesterday of water and had my evening meal quite late so not surprised as such, but a GAIN...... come on!

Usually this is the point where I would get angry and annoyed and eat something bad. But not this time. Yes I am disaapointed but I lost a stone last week (or thereabouts). My body is not a machine, I can't expect big losses every week like that.

Gonna try and have my meal at lunchtime for the next few days to see if it helps - they usually have steamed chicken breast and veggies downstairs so at least I know I can always get what I need. Portion is a bit of an issue as I can't weigh - but I know roughly 245g of chicken is two of the small breasts downstairs. And I can guess the brocolli as I had the exact same last night.

I'll take the risk to avoid the tummy bloating and uncomfortable feeling I now have :(

Anyways - Happy Tuesday everyone!