Step 1 Sole Source Bride on a Mission - 13 stone in 13 months!

CQ - sorry to hear about your trials with Psoriasis must be maddening. A quick question though - what is cloud bread? Would sure be nice to have something with the burgers.

Enjoy your Saturday (I love my hubby but we live part in the week for work and I actually quite enjoy it but sush don't tell him that.)
Hiya hun , Cloud bread is like a weird eggy type bread except it doesn't really taste that eggy and it doesn't really taste of bread. It's delicious though!

If your on step 2 you make it with :

1 large egg
31g quark
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (can be optional if you like)
1/2 teapsoon sweetener (again can be optional)
1 chicken breast
salad of choice from approved list (I use balsamic drizzled rocket and lettuce)

Separate the white from the yolk , in 1 bowl mix the yolk, quark and sweetener until smooth.
In seperate bowl mix the cream of tartar with the whites and then whisk until they form stiff peaks ( like you would for meringue)
Now mix the two together slowly (you dont want the whites to collapse too much). Heat the oven to 200 and pop them on a baking tray for 10-12 minutes (use frylight or they stick). They shoudl be brown on the top when they come up. They do look fluffed up but pop them onto a wire rack for 10 minutes and they will flatten. I've attached a piccie of what they usually look like from my dinner earlier in the week :)


Let me know how you like them :) xxxx
Hello Lovelies,

What a weekend - I was off work from Friday until yesterday morning and it was heaven :)

I had a lovely weigh in on Sunday - another 6lbs off this week so my total is now 23lbs! Very pleased with the result as my water was lacking last week so I assumed I wouldn't have lost as much.

Have struggled a little in the past few days - no cheating or anything like that but it's like the novelty has worn off and the mental side of the challenge ahead is now catching up with me. I'm also dealing with some medical issues that keep re-surfacing (nothing too major, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy last year) but to date have opted not to have medication (due to side effects).

I have been quite lucky as for a while the small seizures stopped (no grand mals, deja vu only). I have had test after test, been told it's anxiety, stress, everything under the sun, panic attacks etc. Finally after my dad passed away I discovered he was Epileptic, and I pressed the doctor for a diagnosis. Finally he agreed to test me for Epilepsy and after 2 MRI's , 2 EEG scans and a sleep deprived EEG , I finally had a diagnosis. Unfortunately the medication has some scary side effects so I opted to try and see if I could just manage it myself.... but the "seizures" keep happening and I think at this stage my only option is to go onto the medication. Which is scary as it means bye bye Cambridge...... at least for a few months (They won't let me do it - I've asked the question).

So..... I'm a bit torn. I'm annoyed they keep happening (they are horrible , I've had them for like 15 years) and they make me drained afterwards. Not the mention the headaches ... of which I have one now. I am beyond over living with these but medication changes everything.

I guess I need to speak to my neurologist again and see what they recommend...... arghh life can be so frustrating at times!

L xxx
Sorry to hear about your trials with epilepsy but you do need to consider what is best for you and your health. On the bright side if you have to give up Cambridge for a while at least you know it's there to come back to and it works.Maybe there is a compromise - one of the later steps of Cambridge might be acceptable to your doctors but still allow you to keep up the discipline....just a thought.....I have no experience in this area sorry.

Good luck with your neurologist
So I had a bit of a disaster last night.....I came home from work with a banging headache (lovely side effect of a seizure) and was in a foul mood. I was so frustrated and irritated I had to put myself to bed early. Woke up within a few hours (was only about half 9 by this point) and decided I was hungry. Really hungry (I was in ketosis so was all in my head). I then proceeded to eat x2 biscuits , a kit kat (bought for my Granda coming to stay tonight for the weekend) and a mousse desert thingy. Then I felt even hungrier so I ate some pre-cooked teriyaki chicken skewers. My OH was oblivious sitting in our living room that I was behind him in the kitchen.

I then proceeded to sit in the bathroom and cry..... for like half an hour. I was so annoyed at myself, frustrated that I'd given in, frustrated that for sure I'd kicked myself out of ketosis - honestly I was so disappointed in myself. Went to bed and just felt hopeless.

Woke up this morning with such a feeling of dread, I'd seriously let myself down. I have felt so down all day about it - my only saving grace is that I'm not getting weighed until next week so fingers crossed I can do damage limitation between now and then. I also got my period again today so does explain some of the intense cravings last night. I've only had a 5 day break since the last one so I guess I'm going to be one of those people who have the messed up periods again.

I don't know why I do it to myself. I know in the long run, I haven't done that much damage to my weight loss - but it's a mental thing. I was so in the zone and I felt like last night I took a massive step backwards. I guess I'm also learning you can't cure 10 years worth of binge eating in 4 weeks. This diet is great for me because it is all or nothing, but something the nothing is hard.

I need to just draw a line under it and move on. Getting back into Ketosis will be a headache but my own fault. Stupid stupid me!

Anyways heres hoping the next week is less eventful....

I'd send you a hug but they don't seem to have that emoticon on here. Don't be too hard on yourself we have all been there and bought the t-shirt too that's why we are here. There will be slip ups along the way that's life...
So sorry to hear about your slip up, but it really is just that, a slip up, not a massive failure. I reckon you'll be back into ketosis within a day or so based on what you've eaten and it probably won't affect your losses at all. Just keeping looking forward, and focus on that, and remember one day doesn't negate all the other amazing days!
Hello Lovelies

Been a bit awol for a few days as my Grandad was visiting from Belfast so wasn't on the computer much. Been an ok couple of days - nothing major to report, plenty of water and stuck to my products so hoping not too much damage on the scales next week when I get weighed.

After this WI I'll have another 3 weeks before I weigh in again.... scary but exciting. Hoping to have lost another stone in the 3 weeks my consulant is away. Fingers crossed!

Hope everyone had a good weekend - well and truely over my blip and back in the zone!

Hello All,

I've been a bit AWOL lately - not for any other reason than work has been mental and on the rare night I'm home on time, I just want to shower and get into bed!

Today has been pretty mental in the office (still here) but managed to grab 5 minutes free to check in on my diary!

So - I'm no longer on Cambridge - doctor said it was fine to continue but did want me on meds, Cambridge said if I took meds I couldn't do the plan for 6 months. Was pretty down about it for like half an hour before I realised my health comes first and I need the meds. Uncontrolled Epilepsy is dangerous and the last thing I need is a full blown seizure. Straight onto 1000mg of Levetiracetam which is making me very sleepy and I keep getting headaches.

The great news is though - my wonderful consultant will still be coming to weigh my OH each week so she's offered to continue coming to me as well, I obviously can't buy products from her, but she will weigh me and keep recording my measurements. She said she will also sponsor me to become a consultant once I'm at goal as I've done the diet before. And I'm only "off" plan for 6 months - so once that time has passed I can go straight back on again with her.

I've decided not to go the "natural" route of Slimming world or weight watchers etc just because I know myself well enough to know I won't follow it. I'll cheat and I need the restrictions a VCLD gives. So I ordered a months worth of Exante meals - delivered today so I will still be on a VCLD + 1 small meal in evening and will see how I go. Because I'm still getting weighed, I guess I'm still somewhat "on plan" , just not the exact Cambridge plan.

So I've had two days of normal food - didn't go crazy, had chicken and salad last night and a chicken salad wrap for lunch yesterday. Saturday was pretty much the same, except I had normal soup for lunch. Because I'd had the wrap (carbs) yesterday I didn't get weighed, but I had weighed myself earlier in the week and was very happy to see a 20 in front of my weight :) so still on the right track!

Don't see my consultant for another 3 weeks now so hoping for at least 12lbs off by the time she gets back..... which would hopefully tip me over to the 19's!

Bring it on!

Hey cupcakes your health does come first!
Is the reason cambridge asked you not do their plan for 6 months for liability's sake? I'm intrigued as to why you couldn't do cwp but can do exante as your dr had ok'd it in the first place?!?
Anyway, welcome to the Exante group then, the choice is quite bigger than CD and tastes better IMO!
Im so impressed you've found a solution and haven't just used it as an excuse to say you can't do it - I know I'd have been tempted to just say f it and blame my health. Shows how serious you are about this and I think thats brilliant :) Got everything crossed for you that you're down at 19 something by your next weigh in.
Good on you. It is all about your health and you are making sensible choices. Maybe once you've done Exante for 6 moths you will be a convert!!.

Good luck
Hello Lovelies,

Thanks for Kinds words :)

Enlighten - I think it must be to cover themselves. Exante do state that I can't really do anything lower than "working solution" which is 1200 calories a day, but seeing as they physically cannot stop me going lower, I've opted to try the 800 cal option and see how I get on. Ketosis is key for me, if I am in ketosis I'll be fine and can control myself. My CDC was so supportive though and my OH is still on Cambridge (he's lost over 2 stone now!) and he's shrinking in front of me. So proud of him.

I've had the Exante products before and I'll be honest I much prefer Cambridge. I don't mind the Exante stuff and definitely prefer the price tag - but I just find the Cambridge products way nicer. I didn't like half of the Exante products last time around, and too many of them are too close to being "real food" for me. For example - I loved the taste of the pancakes but they are too like real pancakes, and as soon as I started eating them last time, I just wanted bacon and eggs and all the lovely but terrible things that go with pancakes. Like real maple syrup (I've tried the 0 calorie version and it is vile!)

I find the Exante bars too salty and a bit of a weird aftertaste...... I found the soups flavorless and the meals.... I love the Carbonara but the rest....yuk!

So as much as I am looking forward to the weight loss continuing, I am not excited that I can't have my usual Cambridge products. I dunno - maybe I'm a food snob, but the Cambridge ones just taste less artificial and a little better made to me.

But I am looking forward to saving like over £100 quid a month. That I will not deny :)

I actually also tried one of Superdrugs own brand meal replacement bars yesterday - I didn't have any products with me (I thought I had soup in my drawer at work) so I went into Superdrug, aiming to get one of the lighter life bars they sell. But I seen this Crunchy Caramel Superdrug one that was only £1.25 and my goodness - it was heavenly!

I'm going back today to get a few more. Seriously of all the bars I've ever tried, this was by far the nicest :) It was just absolutely delicious! no nasty aftertaste either!

Anyways best get off here and get some work done.... :) Happy Tuesday all x
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Hello All,

Well - what a funny old month and a half it's been for me. So I started my medication and it's been up and down. I've had a few more episodes and after speaking with my Dr he actually "banned" me from doing any VCLD's until I got the meds stabilised. After 6 weeks, he's finally given me the nod to start on a VCLD again (after muchoes begging on my part).

I'm a food addict and I need the control that a VCLD gives me. I could argue all day that I could happily follow WW or SW etc but I know this is not the case. I'm mixing up my diet a little - I have Exante bars and meals to use and in the AM I am making a Protein Slenderblend smoothie ( Pina Colada flavour - it's vanilla shake mix, fresh or frozen pineapple, vanilla 0% fat yogurt, a small amount of coconut oil + coconut milk - delish!!)

I've not been great the last 6 weeks - I haven't binged nearly as much as I would have but I have had quite a few bad meals - I've had friends and family staying , so lots of eating out and then I came down with the dreaded cold twice so that meant lots of lying around feeling sorry for myself and generally eating rubbish.

I've put on half a stone - not as bad as it could be, but definitely not where I want to be either.

Thankfully my lovely OH is now only 17lbs away from goal - he's done so well. He's now got a healthy BMI and therefore can now train to be councillor himself. He got his wee application form yesterday so now it's a case of him applying and then following the next stages. Fingers crossed that it works out for him - he is so buzzing for it and I am too. It means when my 6 month Cambridge deadline passes, he can be my councillor :)

Means I will NEVER get away with cheating lol But that's a good thing!

I've already had a bar this morning and just had my soup. Roll on Ketosis hopefully in 3-5 days!

Welcome back - it's great that your OH is doing so well. I'm also thinking about training to be a CDC when I get to goal which is a ways off for me (I predict this time next year at my current rate) so I'll be watching with interest.
Head is pounding with a vegence! Water which usually helps ease it a little is not doing anything today. But alas I know in a few days I'll have the sweet joy of ketosis and all will seem fine :)

Been really good last few days, trying to keep myself really busy at work and then relaxing in the evenings. I used to make those weight loss plaques for ebay but I have decided to give it up to for now - don't get me wrong I'll miss the extra pocket money , but in all honestly most of it went on junk and food. Which I don't need. I think having my evenings free again will really help - last time around I was able to come home, shower and get straight into bed with my mug of soup. I missed doing that a few weeks ago when I was on plan - I was home, painting and making my plaques sometimes struggling to be in bed before 11pm, some nights when I was exceptionally busy I was awake until 1 or 2 am - which considering my doctor and neuro told me sleep depravity is a seizure trigger for me - is not good!

My plan for the next month or so is literally just to keep my head down at work, walk home in the evenings from the station (about 15 min walk) and relax as much as possible. I need to get back to looking after myself which I haven't really done at all in the last 2 years. I guess after my Dad's passing - I became really focused on masking how I was feeling and just saying "I'm fine" all the time. I think I spent so much time just worrying about everyone else - my mum at home, my sister was still travelling etc that I didn't really ever stop and think about making sure I was ok. As silly as it sounds - I stopped doing little things that I used to do to make myself feel better - it all seemed so futile. I used to love painting my nails, having a pamper night with a nice hair mask and a foot soak, just little things but they made me happy and relaxed and I enjoyed it. I always plan to do it now but when it came to doing it - I had plaques to make etc.

Now I have no excuse - I literally will have every evening and weekend free to do as I please again. It's gonna be weird but wonderful at the same time.

Bring on ketosis :)

Happy Monday all!

Week 1 down and I'm minus 6lbs on the scales :) Very pleased with that result, especially as I wasn't an angel with the water drinking. Mission for this week - make sure I 100% hit my 4 litres everyday!

Woke up in such a good mood this morning ...ketosis buzz maybe? Anyways it's nice to feel so positive for once. For the last 6 months I've been in a weird place , slight depression maybe. I'm majorly homesick being in London (I hate the place so much!) but know that in the short term it makes sense for us to be here, London salary = savings for wedding + house at home (Belfast).

Once we've gotten the wedding outta the way we will definitely be moving back. I'm hoping myself and my OH will both be Cambridge consultants by then so we can both hopefully do this as our full time job. I think I would be quite good at it - I mean I love to talk and I can so relate to anyone struggling with their weight. Fingers crossed!

Let's hope the day flys in today - I hate Mondays at work but determined not to let this place ruin my un-usual Monday buzz! Have a great day all :)