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broccoli and cheese soup?!

The smell isnt fantastic, but for me, the soup doesnt taste that bad, i quite enjoyed it actually, just dont smell it. My fave is the chicken and mushroom.
mine is chick n mush and the murshroom atm
but what if i cant actually eat it? its unlikely! but what if i cant lol


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I love broccoli and cheese - stick some herbs in it and a bit of curry powder to liven it up! :)
ooo i might just do that! :D and ive changed my mind i do NOT like the mushroom soup...trying to eat it now


loving life
Hi , I didn't like the spicy tomato soup but held my nose and drank it when it was luke warm so I didn't feel hungry later. I was lucky my cdc changed the other 1 over for me for chicken and mushroom my fav. Zoe x
i hate the spicy tomato blerghh! hmm i might end up on just the shakes at this rate! lol
My favorite is the oriental chilli it taste just like thai green curry( we have one of the best thai restaurants near us and the food there is divine) I like the chick and mushroom and the leek and potato, I am going to try the vegetable next week and I cannot stand tomato :jelous:
th veggie one is quite nice, it strangley reminded me of chinese....odd
I couldn't eat the brocoli and cheese as it was too disgusting for me. Luckily for me I keep a few extras over my weekly allowance, just in case. My cdc told me to add black pepper to the soups. I like mushroom, oriental chilli, ckn & mushroom and leek and potato but I despised Brocoli & cheese too! Did you eventually eat it?
ive decided im going to try and live on shakes and porridge for a while lol :)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I'll eat all the soups but spicy tomato is my least fave - it's just too sweet, why did they do that?! (If you chuck enough curry powder in, the heat masks the sweetness if ya lucky! :D)
broc and cheese is nice made up to a pint with black pepper... try diluting them. i make all shakes to a pint, and much prefer all of them this way!
Thanks for tips I'll try this tmorrow x


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I am only on day one so havent really tried many flavours. I had apple and cinamon porridge for breakfast, a banana shake for lunch and the soup mentioned for tea. I didnt think the soup was too bad, if its the least desirable i look forward to the next few!

I decided to just take one of each shake/soup and porridge and try them - can tailor my diet then. Only shakes I didnt get were the chocolate ones... Maybe next week! :)
Did you like the porridge shelz, I love that. How are you feeling on day 1? It is hard but just talk to everyone on here.


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Im actually feeling ok. Ive been ill the past few days and today is the first day I've come off the pain killers. I didnt want them to affect the diet, but suprisingly the pain has gone too! Woop!

Im good, not having many side effects (not as if i would this early!), drinking loads of water (4l + shake water) and not feeling hungry at all.

My mother always cooks on a Friday so there are loads of freshly cooked fruit cakes.. one of my favourite! I managed to resist it, im so proud! I know it sounds silly as I have a long long way to go yet.

The porridge was nice - absolutely loved it. The banana shake too, yummy! :)
just had my first strawberry one it was lovely, ive been naughty today only had 2 n a half packs...
I have tried the first cheese and brocolli soup and I really enjoyed it!!! :D

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