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Happened to me in the first few weeks too but as BL says, it soon passes once your body fully adjusts
I think it's something to do with the body's ability to heal itself being lowered while in abstinance and so little knocks that would normally go un-noticed and heal quickly take a bit longer and so a bruise appears (a bruise is simply some bleeding underneath the skin).
I've always bruised easily so haven't noticed a change.


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I always did bruise easily, but it's much worse now. Getting bruises when I've no recollection of bumping myself. Also taking ages to heal, but it's a small price to pay for feeling fab otherwise....:)

Laura Croft

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Hope you don't mind an intruder :) I had a lot of bruises when I did CD the first time around. It happened more towards the end. I was told by CD it was because my vitamin K levels must have been higher than normal so although I was getting the RDA amount on the packs, it wasn't what my body was used to. Also, there was less fat providing protection. It probably doesn't help I'm very good at banging into things too!

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