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Bubbalicious Slimfast Diary

Hello everyone!! I am not new to this forum but I have made the switch from Slimming World to Slim Fast to boost my weightloss. I lost nearly 2 stone on Slimming World but needed something with more disapline to shift the last few pounds.

Been on Slimfast for 3 weeks and it does work BUT I find the weekends are the hardest!! My weigh day is a Friday morning and I lost 3 pounds last week.....:p which is amazing. But I let it all go to waste on the weekend. The problem is my boyfriend is on Slimming World still, as he has a bit more to lose than me, so he sits and eats a cooked breakfast in the morning and pasta for lunch, out e vening meals are the same so thats ok. Its hard for me to sit there and watch him eat and by 4pm I have given in and crack the wine open. When I weigh again on Sunday/Monday I have put on the 2/3 pounds I lost in the week!!! ARGH!!!

Sorry for the rant...... I am back on track today so hopefully can shift the 2/3 pound again this week and TRY and stay good at the weekend.
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u can do it just ignore him stuffing his face lol easier said than done tho ,,,, leave the room or find something to do like hit him round the head for making you suffer lol
kazzymc - that has crossed my mind!

Had a really good day yesterday. Had 1300 calories in total and I went to the gym for a workout :D. I aim to do the same today.

I am fine when I am at work, stay within calories and workout hard........ it's just the blooming weekends!!!! :(
I have had 2 brilliant days on SF. Didnt exercise yesterday though as I worked late and was so tired when I got home but I am going to a Jakari Fit to Flex class tonight, so that should burn a few calories (or kill me!).

Fingers crossed for a loss on Friday (weigh day) :eek:
hiya wats jakari fit to flex? and well done on the 2 good days
Its an exercise class using an elastic ribbon type things, its supposed to improve your flexibility and core etc. I have never been before but I like the look of it so thought I would give it a try.

I will report tomorrow about how I get on tonight!! ;)
sounds good,, i hope it goes well for you let us know how you get on tonite and how you feel 2moro
Well I went to my Jakari class last night and it was good!! Although I am aching a bit today compared to when I do a Fitness Pilates Class. I will be going again next week as each week you concentrate on stretching a different area of your body, last night it was shoulders and back.

A good SF day as well so feeling very smug today!!

Hope everyone else is doing ok! :D
Hey, sounds like you had fun! I keep telling myself that i need to plug my wii fit back in but i always find some excuse. Then again i do walk between 4.5 & 5miles a week so it's not like i'm lazy or anything! Remember to measure yourself so you can see how your getting on with the exercise.
It does take alot of effort to drag myself out of the house but I do it because I know how good I feel after I exercise.

I always measure myself!! I started my diet journey last July 2009 and since then I have lost a total of 16 inches all over, which is great as sometimes the weight doesnt show the loss but it shows in the measurements. :)
fit to flex sounds pretty good bubbalicious

Jane zumba is like the best its so wicked i go twice a week and i love it
Had a pretty good weekend until yesterday! I went out on Saturday night and didnt get home until gone 2am therefore felt like absolute poo yesterday, so me and the boyfriend ordered a pizza hut delivery!! I know its naughty but it was soooooo good!

Thats was all I actually ate yesterday and I am firmly back on track today on SF.

Confession over!!!!! :D
As long as you had a good time hun. Everyone is allowed to cut loose every now and then. That keeps you from going crazy!

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