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Buckwheat Porridge


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Well I made it with water as the recipe says and it was ok. If you have ever cooked brown rice it has the same sort of smell, I added a small amout of sweetner and it was quite nice. I think I could get used to the taste, bit like eating brown bread at first you didnt like it but as you know its good for you you get used to it. I tried a bit in with yogurt and had it cold and it was great, and as it has so many health benefits I am gonna stick with it. It is not a grain at all but a fruit seed from the Rhubarb family.And best of all its FREE


Vegetarian who lives2eat
1 and half cups water to 1/3 cup grits. simmer on hob for about 10/15 mins stirring occasionally. add sweetner or fresh fruit etc. Have to say it was very filling and lasted hours which for me is a first. Recipe says it serves two.
I got some in asda ages ago. It's with the grains like cous cous etc in a bag not in a box


Oh & you can also get it in tesco with the whole foods or maybe even holland & barrett


Vegetarian who lives2eat
yeah I got it in Tesco in the wholefood section. If you have a polish food section you can get it in there as well only you will have to ask the name I have bought it in a box with 5 boil in bags, weird name. lol x
Sorry this is probably a dumb question but is it actually called buckwheat porridge? or just buckwheat? :eek:

Also do you need to soak it or anything before use?
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I saw it in a larger Tesco yesterday beside the wholefoods - and it's just called buckwheat. It's a wholegrain like cous cous so you would need to prepare it before you eat it.
'Kasza Gryczana'- this is its Polish name printed on the boxes of buckwheat available in the international sections of Asia. Otherwise, ask in Polish shops. Good luck.
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Hi eye6769, I've just been informed by my s/w coach it's a tweak and can damage slimming world progress. Have you heard anything like this before! I only used buckwheat water and skimmed milk so i thought it was free apart from hexA?

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