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Step 1 Sole Source Buddies needed for return to sole source!!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by SarahB26, 7 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. SarahB26

    SarahB26 Member

    Right, day one went well until I ate a whole raw courgette and a hard boiled egg this eve.

    Need buddies.... help please!!!
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  3. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    Hi Sarah,

    I restarted yesterday too, i originally did it last september and lasted 3 weeks and then a took a 2 day break and never went back :( I lost 17lbs in that time though so was quite chuffed! How did you do before?

  4. SarahB26

    SarahB26 Member

    Hey, I lost 21lbs last time... had a rubbish day yesterday as failed my driving theory so my boyfriend and I had fish and chips for dinner!!! Stupid girl, so I am back on today!!! Lets do this together! I need to learn that food wont make me feel better. .. I was still pissed off after I ate the fish n chips haha!! Comfort food. Beed to swap that for comfort shakes!!!xx
  5. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    oh no sarah! Its really hard when you have a **** day to stick to it, but next time why dont you treat yourself to something non food related to cheer you up.

    What are your stats? I used to get in a mood when i wanted bad food and then i would eat and be in a foul mood coz i felt so fat :( lol its a viscous circle.

  6. GNIC

    GNIC Active Member

    I am starting back on friday. Originally started last year 3 months after my baby was born but i took not well and only lasted 2 weeks. I did lose 15 lbs in that 2 weeks though. Unfortunately that is all back on and some. Ready and raring to go on Friday. Got my cousins wedding in August and i am maid of honour. Determined to be a different woman by then. I also start college in August to do Access to nursing and i know losing this weight will make that journey so much easier. Oohhh all excited cant wait. So much to lose though thats the daunting part. good luck everyone im very sure i will b on here all day every day lol just for motivation xxx
  7. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi I have also returned good luck and you can do it! I have put on 23lb over the last few months and am determined to get this off and a bit more! I am on day 7 good luck with your journey x
  8. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    Hi Theresa,
    whens your first WI?
    I have got my first official WI tonight even though im on day 3.
    How you found the first week?
  9. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Ladies and Skinnybean, I weigh in tonight at 7pm I have found it really hard this second time around and really had to think if it was worth it I found from day 3 4 and 5 so hard! But feel fantastic now and am noticing my clothes already feel looser!

    How are you all doing?
  10. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    im not hungry, i just want to eat! Everything in my sight! haha. off to the cinema tonight to try and keep busy away from food related things, ben and i take a semi frozen tetra to 'enjoy'.

    I must say i feel better all ready, after day 1 i felt less bloated and cleaner. My tummy looks smaller already think the detox has really helped.

    just had the tomato soup, forgot how disgusting it is! gross!!!

  11. kayecl

    kayecl Active Member

    Hey all started today feeling pretty tired but determined to get through the first 5 days and stick with it. I have about 2 stone to loose not loads but not happy with my weight at the moment and I just need to sort it as I've been yo yo Ing for 7 years. I've done this before but beer properly properly and I know if I do it for at least a month ill be nearly there! And what two or so months out my life of doing this.. Nothing! An then Ill be a lot happier! All support wanted and am here for all of you good luck!
  12. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    Hi Kayecl,

    How are you doing? Im on day 4 now and not struggling, just got such a headache! I want to stick to it for 8 weeks but it just seems like such a long time! going to try my hardest, not too worried about what the weight is just when i feel better myself.

  13. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sarah, Ladies how are you all doing? I had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 13lb really pleased, hope you are all doing ok?
  14. kayecl

    kayecl Active Member

    That's amazing well done! I am so hungry but nothing other than diet has passed my lips. This is so hard - how do people do this 100% for more than 3 days!!!
  15. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Kayecl, you can do this it does honestly get better I found day 3 4 and 6 really tough last time and it was even worse this time! But honestly by day 6 I had lots of energy and now on day 8 I can honestly stay the diet is not a problem! I think it more about missing food rather than being hungry! Stick at it and honestly it will get better and then when you weigh in it will be all worth it!
  16. kayecl

    kayecl Active Member

    Thanks and I hope so! I have more packets than im meant to but I think that's better than having food!
  17. kayecl

    kayecl Active Member

    And did I say 13 lbs amazing!!!!!!'
  18. skinnybean2b

    skinnybean2b Well-Known Member

    Just wrote back to you on the other thread theresa,

    Kaycl- stick with it, it is hard but its so worth it! What are your stats? Are you drinking plenty of water? Im not hungry, i just love the thought of eating food! I miss meal times as in our house that is our entire evening, i cook of an evening and then we sit down and have dinner and am never finished till gone 8, so feel a little lost at what to do with ourselves!

  19. Nia

    Nia Active Member

    I also need help for moral support!

    Tell me about it! I am on day 5 and it's Friday which I think will be the most difficult due to the weekend. Really do have loads of weight to lose though so am trying hard to motivate myself. You'll be fine - we can do this together!
  20. Nia

    Nia Active Member

    It's wonderful to see so many people doing so well on here - it's inspirational!

    Hi- I am a size 20 and weigh a terrible 18 stone 5. I don't quite know how it happened - I guess hiding from the scales didn't help! I have a wedding to go to at Easter which promises to be some version of school reunion. I have got to lose this weight. I got married Aug 2011 and collected the album this xmas. Seeing how lovely and slim I looked in the album has forced me into action. I'm hoping to be at least the same size (16) which I was at the wedding by March 28th, 2012. That's 2 dress sizes. Do I stand much of a chance so you think? Any help or adivce would be great.

    1 more question - Can I drink green tea without affecting my weigh in?

    I am trying really hard with Cambridge sole source. I am on day 5 and
  21. Nia

    Nia Active Member

    Well done guys! A great effort! x

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