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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by stylishlyFat, 18 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. stylishlyFat

    stylishlyFat New Member


    I have finally gone back onto the plan today and feel like I need a buddy to help me get through ... Anyone willing to be my buddy ?

    I always start with a clear mindset in the mornings and by the evening the devil inside me takes over and I end up binging ... I hope today is not one of those days and I can stick to the plan.

    I binge with an excuse that tomorrow I'm starting the plan so today I can eat anything and I over indulge, most of the times in foods I don't even like. It's become a bad habit.

    I have about 5- 6 stones to lose. Ideally I would want to lose 6.

    I currently weight 14stones 3lb and want to be around 8 stones or even 8 and a half.

    I just struggle to keep on track.

    .. Support is required lol
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  3. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    I will buddy up I've lost 17lbs and want to lose another 3 to 3.5 stones. I started 1st Jan but have had a couple of blips but pleased to say kept on track longer than off it xx
  4. Fembot

    Fembot New Member

    Can I be a buddy too??? I've just started CD (on day 4) and I've never done any diet like this. It's going ok I think but support is always good!
  5. jojoluxton

    jojoluxton Member

    Hi there, I could do with a buddy too. I am dropping back to step 2 to try and kick start my motivation. Did really well on SS but after coming off I just revert to old me and fall off the wagon most days. Really need some motivation, don't want to gain again.

    How are you all doing?
  6. Count me in, I'm into week 3.... Weigh in again on Thursday! I stop by Minimins everyday to keep me motivated!!!
  7. pinkpussy

    pinkpussy Full Member

    We have the same goal. How tall are you?

    It's all about breaking down the 6 stone and taking it a say at a time x
  8. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    Morning all, Mind if I join? Been posting quite often but nobody seems very chatty :( xx
  9. Fembot

    Fembot New Member

    Yaaaay go me??? My first week and I'm down 7 pounds, I'm so delighted! Had to share???
  10. Ive found the same Chrissie I'm starting to get a complex lol
  12. 2bSlimma

    2bSlimma Member

    Hi Guys

    I started Cd on Tuesday. On night 3....trying to read the threads to stay motivated but worries as out with Hubby tomorrow and there will be nemesis.
  13. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    I would avoid alcohol like the plague 2bSlimma, It's actually very dangerous when you're on cambridge, I went out and got drunk the last time I was on this, I blacked out after 2 drinks, I still to this day have no memory of what happened that night, though my sister informs me I punched a guy in the face for touching my bum, I fell over about 10 times which explained the bruises and cuts the following day and I ended up eating 2 burgers and a kebab, so all in all it was the worst night out ever and I don't even remember it!xx
  14. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Hi all, I've just started, day one today! I'm so hungry but super determined to do this. Just feels like such a long journey, but everyones got to start somewhere!
  15. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Once you get past the first two weeks its way easier and so worth it.
  16. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    I hope so! Well done on your stone loss in 3 weeks that's amazing!:)
  17. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Hi guys! Well done everyone, sounds like you're all doing really well! Today is day 5 of SS for me, been incredibly tough all week but isn't really getting easier! Have stuck to my guns 100% though and really hoping it eventually gets easier. The weekend is almost upon me and that's my trickiest time!
  18. hi really does get easier and I have found that having willpower is the thing that spurs me on, I've spent years blaming poor weight loss on my lack of willpower but it turns out I have heaps of it and just used that as an excuse. I have been out for dinner twice with friends and drank sparkling water, I've resisted the goodies that adorn the office everyday. I had a panic moment today when I forgot to put my packs in my bag so spent all day drinking water until I got home and have to make sure I still have all my packs so I get my vitamins and minerals. Keep striving it will be worth it on your big day x
  19. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Hi! I've started at pretty much the same time as you and we have similar stats! How was day 6? I'm only on day 2, just want this first week to be over with.

  20. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Aww thank you Mizz :) That really helped :))

    Stacey, nice to meet you! I am finding that it is actually getting easier now. Had weigh in last night and lost ten pounds so well chuffed to be in the 14s for the first time in years! Just about fighting the cravings and emotional hunger for me now..
    How are you getting on?
  21. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    10lbs is amazing! Well done!xx

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