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i have added you to my contact list so when you are about would be lovely to have a chat. I have picked abit more this evening terrible isn't it when you start you just can't stop,lol. Would be great to get back on track with someone and follow each others progress, hope you are up for it. I need to lose about 2-3 stone i currently weigh 13 st 4 or did at my weigh in on saturday, next weigh in friday morning. Weighing in a day early because i am away for the weekend, hoping that i can stay very good. How about you how much do you need to lose? I have been following LL for about 5 months and lost 5 1/2 stones but have swapped to CD, one because of the money and two because the flavours are much better. Anyway look forward to having a chat with you very soon.

Lots of lOve Busy XX
I am having a 'new start' tomorrow. And am definately up for being diet buddies. We haeva boutt he same weight to lose 2-3 stones. I'm on and off msn during the day so just let me know when you on and we'll have a chat and sort out our masterplan for success!!!!