bugger i gave in and had food


oh i feel so bad.I have been doing really well not slipped up once and then today wham.I had a 3 chips and a tiny piece(about size of a 50p) of chicken.
Why oh why did i do this?

being on cambridge i am understanding my food problems.I eat when i am bored,and eat just for the sake of it.

I am getting weighed tomorrow hope to god it has not messed my weight loss up.:cry:
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As long as you leave it at that you will be fine. Drink plenty of water and that may stop you knocking yourself out of ketosis. I'm sure your weigh in will be brilliant as you have been 100% until this tiny blip.

You have learned something about yourself from this which is excellent. It is only a tiny blip, you did brilliantly not to let it escalate into a major binge.

Celebrate that and we will all be celebrating you weightloss tomorrow.

Good Luck

Dizzy x


thank you.you have made me feel better.

i can not believe i craved chips i never even eat them normally.

i will post tomorrow and let you know how i got on.

thank you once again :D


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How did the weigh in go??


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Hey! You will e fine! I reckon you fancied chips because you have no carbs! Don't give up the ghost, stick at it. I learned the other day, that if i get chessed off and angry, thats when I eat. We all have our downfalls. This is an extreme, but Imy Mum bought me a nintendo ds for my birthday, got it last week, have a pet dog on it that I feed take for walks etc, and that helps taking mind of it all. You should do something to oocupy your mind x:)


thanks all.

ive not been for my weigh in yet it is not until 4.30pm.I have decided when husband and daughter are eating their tea i am going to go and walk the dog,its exercise and stops me drooling over their food:rolleyes: .

will come back later and let you know how i get on.xx


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good luck tickle xxx


hey tickle

Eaten ONLY means beaten if YOU allow it to mean that. Encourage it to mean youre back on track and you have learned from the mistake. Give yourself a pat on the back for being conscious about having eaten...youre human hun! Dont beat yourself up hun...cant change past but can carve your future..x


biker babe!
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
well said!


Hey Tickel,

No big deal - we all get cravings Mine are usually for pillow sized steak & Kidney pies!) Like OliJames aid, the biggest thing you have done is recongnised it and that is half the battle - that said - CD is not a prison sentence and it is OK to weaken sometimes as long as you get back on it straight away afterwards. When I feel like weakening, I simply add-a-meal - as long as you stick to the CD rules, it will make little or no difference. Keep up the hard work and keep glugging that water.



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Hi Tickle
I have only just become a member and as I was browsing, I had to laugh at your title at the beginning of this thread "bugger i gave in and had food", I have to say this really made me chuckle

I am not actually doing the same diet as you, I am working with the Paul Mckenna CD system, 'I can make you thin' (only just started), but wishing you all the luck and hope the chips did not affect the weigh in too much!!

best wishes