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buggerd up!

Well i haven't posted on here in a while.....i have been ill again and house sitting for my dad for a week andi treated it as a holiday and ate what i wanted.....luckily i have stayed the same weight, i have 10 and a bit weeks till holiday now and i feel like have buggerd up i am still 12 stone but i am happy to settle for about 10 and a half stone tell me truthfully if you think it's possible, hopefully i will still look ok in my swimming gear lol and i will carry on with it when i get back because so far slimfast is the only thing that has worked for me......thats when you stick to it of course!!!:p
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Hey bubbles, don't feel bad on yourself. Just get back on track and you'll get there. Whatever you lose between now and your holiday will be better than staying the same as what you are now. I'm also at 12 stone at the mo, it's where I got stuck last time and have just had the past two weigh ins STS! So I'm a bit annoyed as it really does seem a sticking point for me, grrrr! Haven't had a very good past week either, but must get back on it and get those scales moving again. It's all too easy to get back into old habits when the scales aren't going your way, but we must push on. We can get there! Weird we're both stuck at the same weight lol!


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You would think that considering how much we all want to loose the weight that we would all be 100% all of the time. So why is it that we can't?

I had such high hopes for July and talked the talk and everything, but all that happended was I lost a pound had house guests and fogot all about it.

Prehaps we should have a support network so we can e-mail each other when we need a kick up the backside??

Either way I have to stop talking and start doing. I have commited myslef to doing an hours exercise a night no matter what for 2 weeks. Thats all, I haven't made any promises about weight loss or not eating naughty things. I am going to start with exercising and slowy get back into it.

Good Luck!!
Yep, I haven't been doing any exercise the past couple of weeks! Not good, especially as I was getting so into it too! Bloody was poorly which put me back out of the whole exercise thing! Once I get going again I know it'll be making me feel great and I'll want to do it, it's just the getting going bit that's the problem! And yes Lind you're right, why do we find it so hard when we want it so much? I suppose if it was easy we wouldn't need to be losing weight anyway lol!

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Just remeber the saying - fall down seven times, get up eight. Just keep going, start again, and Good luck!
Yeah i'm thinking the kick up the backside thing is a good idea!!! i have been sooo lazy with my eating, wondering if any of you have advice about the day time milkshake because i'm on the go i usually make one in the morning and bring it with me......and 1: it's always warm (i know that can't be helped much and) 2: the texture of it goes really wierd like gloopy at the top :(......anyway i am going to get back on it and hope for the best. Yeah stirky for some unknown reason when i get to 12 it seems to stick but to be honest i think it's secrety because when we get 2 12 we probaly think it's an achievement and give our selves a few treats! Lol but know more of that as of tomorrow till the 3rd of october no treats for me x x x :D

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can you try making it up the night before and freezing it. by the time you drink it the next day it should have defrosted but still be cold? I also found that by making it the night before to take to work the next day, the powder dissolved better and I didn't have the gunk leftover.
Ohhh thats a good idea bad jar i am going to try that, i can make a few up then....as i am always late because i never give myself time to make the milkshake in the mornings, i am not a fan of the ready made ones you can buy any idea how long you can leave milk in the freezer or do you only do them the nigt before?? x

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Skimmed milk tends to expand when you freeze it so leave enough room in the bottle! Although if you're fridging overnight, especially if you have a cold (glass) shelf it should stay colder for longer. Or could always bash up a few ice cubes and add them in the morning.

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