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Bundle starts Slimming World


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3 years ago I started Lighter Life and lost over 8 stone in 6 months. Since then I have put on about 4 stone of it and 'dabbled' here and there with LL again but I have decided I can't face a summer of abstinence so yesterday I joined Slimming World!

When I did LL I found these forums very useful so thought I would start a thread to record my progress:)

I want to lose 3 stone as I don't think I can sustain a lower weight - that will take me down to 11 stone which at 5' 2" is probably where a lot of people would be starting their weight loss plan!

So here goes, Day 1, wish me luck:D
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Welcome and good luck with SW, I too am aiming for 11 stone - I wouldn't suit or be able to achieve anything less than that! (and Im a couple of inches taller than you) SW is great as you dont have to miss out on anything - Ive lost almost three stone on four months, so if I can do it anyone can. Well done on losing all of that weight on LL - I for one could never do a diet like that xxx


:welcome:Hey Bundle, welcome and good luck Vx
Hi Bundle glad your here yes these forums are a complete god send are`nt they. I have just come off CD. I am 5 ft 1 and at the moment weigh 10 stone 5. This weight is above my so called healthy weight for height but i honestly feel that at a size 10-12 on bottom and 12 on top i look fine where i am. I origially set my target for 9.5 stone which took me to the very top end of healthy but have decided against this as i too dont think i could sustain that weight. My target is 10 stone now and if i can fluctuate between 10 stone and 10.5 which is where i am now i will be delighted. SW is a great plan I am slowely easing into it now but still scared of green days and all those carbs. I am pleased that off CD I have managed to loose 2lb so I am still going in the right direction. WELCOME and good luck you can do this girl luv Alli x
welcome and good luck, a lower weight would be sustainable if you stuck to the plan you would never be hungry however everyone has their own goals. im 5'4" and currently 10 stone however for me i look big, it depends where you carry weight i think. stick to it and you will realy surprise yourself


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Welcome to the slimming world forum :) I don't know how people do those starvation diets, I love sw as you can eat when you're hungry!


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Hello again

Well, survived the weekend. Followed the plan perfectly but still can't get away from that feeling that I'm eating too much!
I must stop weighing everyday as the weight doesn't seem to be moving much at all - that's the trouble with having done VLCDs, you get used to seeing the weight go down on a daily basis!

Good luck to everyone reading this!
Hello again

I must stop weighing everyday as the weight doesn't seem to be moving much at all - that's the trouble with having done VLCDs, you get used to seeing the weight go down on a daily basis!
i am very guilty of that!


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It's hard not to isn't it!

I do believe generally it is better to weigh too much than not at all as I know that the times I do stop weighing there is a very good reason for and it - it means I definitely won't like what I see and the longer I leave it usually means the more weight I've put on!:rolleyes:

Anyway, intend to stick with SW and attending SW class so hopefully at least once a week there won't be any nasty surprises on the scales!

Have a nice day:)


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Weighed this morning and my weight has actually gone up:eek::cry::(:mad:! I'm putting it down to having had a green day yesterday but not happy! I will get the definitive answer tomorrow at the official weigh-in I guess.
Hiya hun and welcome to the mad house.......
Ask away with al your questions and im sure some of us can help you!

Good luck on your weight loss journey as you know you wont get as quick results like LL but they will be good losses if you follow the plan


GO for it girlfriend!

Ruthy xx

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