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Burger King..Mini Angus Kids Meal?


Mini-Addict :)
Small fries are 3.5 according to the Eat Out guide, it doesn't have the Mini Angus though... The Angus is 10.5 and a junior Whopper is 6 where a normal Whopper is 11, so maybe go for 5.5 for the mini Angus? just a guess though :)

EDIT I used Starlight's link, out of curiosity. Mini Angus is 5 points :) Cheers Starlight! Incidentally one of the managers at work is called Angus, so this amuses me... haha

Was it nice?


Mini-Addict :)
Thanks guys :) I checked my eating out guide and was quite distressed when I couldnt see the mini :(

Auburn, they were yummy :) :) worth every point in it :) I actually felt the difference from being on WW as I sat there with my kids meal (ha ha!)...Halfway through the burger, I actually began to feel full....It's great! :)

That's really good, it's great when you start not "needing" as much food innit!!!

Might give this a go when I'm on my hols next week - no doubt we'll be in a BK or Maccy Ds at some point!!!
yeah i love mds points wise chicken mayo is 4.5 and mcChicken in 6 which for what you get is v good i feel, i normally have happy meal 4 nuggets 2.5 and small fries 3.5 6 points and your in heaven :D

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