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Burger Sauce


What's in it? Is it bought or are you making it?
Haha, hard to say then though I'd probably verge on no (depending on how strict you are).

I guess it might be sweetened? Seems a lot of sauces are.

Mind, if it's the sauce or a pitta bread, I'd choose the sauce!

What about garlic mayo or chilli sauce? or a mix of both? Or make your own if you're eating at home! :)
I would steer clear of the burger sauce Laura unless its a low carb version (available online).

Plain mayo can be a little boring after time, why dont you try adding some spices? Ive added curry powder to mayo for coronation chicken, thats quite nice. You could try chilli powder.

Have you tried garlic mayo and lemon mayo as an alternative? or if you have the time make your own thats really nice!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I'm not on Atkins, I don't know much about it...but a diet where your allowed a Kebab!!! Sounds soo soooo good! Xx

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I just searched takeaways on the atkins boards and a lot of people were talking about having kebabs, and it not effecting ketosis!
Minus the pitta of course xx
Yeah most meats are fine on a low carb diet. Eat away! I'd say you'd be OK with garlic mayo too. Ask for as much salad as you want too (perhaps except onion/tomato).

The only meats you have to watch out for are sausages that might have filler in them (like breadcrumbs) and ultra-high fat meats like duck/goose (which you can still eat, just not lots of).
mmmm kebab *drooling* i have garlic mayo and mint sauce....sweet chilli is mega high in carbs...nto sure about plain chilli sauce.....mint is mint and vinegar with a little sugar i presume......doner meat is great cause its fatty and thats what we need occasionally.....enjoy!!
I've bought some burger sauce from tesco. I know it's not going to be the same but I can live with that! It's 9 carbs per 100g all I'm having is about 15g so should be ok. Thanks everyone x
Most of the kebab shop sauces are carby, the garlic isn't too bad I suppose

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