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Red Days Burgers

Did you bind them together with egg? That is what I have always done. Also, when I make them, I put them in the fridge for a bit before cooking to help hold their shape.

I hope this works for you

Hayley xxxxx
What else did you put in with the mince hun?

I've only made lamb or beef and they don't tend to go dry. I add garlic, thinly diced onion, herbs and egg. I also chill the burgers for 2 hours before i cook them to 'set' :D HTH!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Turkey mince makes me heave so I've only ever used extra lean beef and they've held together fine(ish) but you are supposed to chill them for at least an hour before cooking so that they bind. I think a burger press might help too! I didn't use egg last time but sometimes you need to.
Chopped onions and garlic, egg and herbs. Next time I'll try putting them in the fridge first to see if that helps. Thanks girls
When ive made burgers in the past i have also put in half a slice of bread (blended) which helps it bind aswell although i understand they wont be syn free then x
Evening all! Not tried Turkey - only lean beef - but these are lush lush lush - beef, chopped onion, fennel seeds, salt n pepper....and a table spoon of barbecue sauce....(count the syns!) Yummmm!
Did you overcook them? That would make then dry and crumbly even with an egg added.

Get the pan really hot and cook them quickly so they are well cooked on the outside but still moist in the middle
There is a SW recipe for turkey burgers with grated courgette and ginger which is lovely - the courgette keeps it very moist. Can't find it at the moment but when I do I will post it - unless anyone else has it to hand?
I sometimes make turkey burgers - the first time the broke up a bit, which I put down to not having chopped the onion finely enough. Don't remember them being dry though.
How did you cook them? (grill / oven / fried in frylight?) I think fried works best as is quicker and you get the nice scorched bits on the edges.
i came across this thread and just wondered if you could make the burgers using the following:-

extra lean beef, onions, garlic, herbs and an egg - if you put all this into a blender to make a "paste" could you then make a burger out of this by rolling it up in to a ball and flattening it out or is that too gross?
I fried them in a little Fry Light, had the pan hot first. Mmmmmm will try them again soon using a diff method to see if that helps. Was really looking forward to them as well esp after waiting nigh on 2 weeks for them and after being back to work.
I grilled mine as I don't really like to fry food.
It was only to stop them sticking and I put them under the grill as well to get them to go nice and brown but nope didn't happen
Instead of breadcrumbs if you are doing EE you could add some cous cous - that would help to bind and make your meat go further if you are trying to watch the pennies (and who isn't!)

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