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Business advice & Opinions

I'm currently working towards starting my own business and just wondered what you all thought of it - Honestly will be much appreciated.

It's based around people doing their own pottery/ceramic painting.

As I can't afford a premises to start, I would like to start by doing mobile children and adults parties, between £10-£15 per head depending on the item they paint. I would then fire the items at home and return them to the party host.

I'm also considering doing keepsake things, including hand and foot prints onto ready made items like mugs and plates, either finished by the purchaser or I would paint on the required details - both of which taken home to glaze and fire, and return. And I am also thinking of hand and foot prints into soft clay, decorated accordingly, fired, finished and returned. I'm thinking the price for these to be around £10-15 depending on the item.

I'd also like to expand to run school holiday clubs and courses, where parents can leave their children during the day while they're at work, these would include all manner of craft activities and games.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this kind of thing (I'm aware it's not unique, but there doesn't seem to be much competition in my area), and whether they think it would be a popular idea. I've asked my friends and they all rave, but i'm not sure if they're just being polite?

Do you think the prices are reasonable? Something you would consider using? Something you've tried and not liked? Would anyone with kids have any suggestions as to what might make it more appealing as a children's party option, eg party bags, food etc?

I'm not looking to start up for about 6 months, as need to save up first, but just wondering if i'm on the right track!

Thanks in advance!
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Why not try contacting your local LEA as some schools pay for artists to go into schools and teach the children a new skill.

When I was a TA we had 2 ladies coming in showing us how to make Roman papier mache masks, the children loved it.

On top of your fee from school/LEA, you could charge the children a nominal fee to keep theirs (in a raw state if need be).

You would need to be CRB checked though I would think.

Why not make some items and sell them at a local craft fair?

Keep sakes of hand/footprints are also well received.

Good luck in your new venture :)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hi hun, I'm all for starting your own business - I freelance as well as work and although I haven't done as much as I like I know it's there and it is 'my business'!

I would imagine you would need to be CRB checked and be ISA registered if you want to work with children - contact LEA for this info.

Also, have you factored in costs of p+p to get items back to peeps and to make sure they get this safely? Would you factor this into the cost or add it depending if they collect etc.

How much would it cost you in the first instance to buy the products that would be painted at the parties - does £10-£15 each cover these costs, your petrol, your labour costs and also your NI and tax? Don't make the mistake of pricing yourself too low when you first start out!

Local craft fairs are an excellent place to start although the bigger ones can be a bit clicky to get into - with Christmas coming up and you giving yourself 6 months to get started now may be a good time to start booking a couple of tables with examples of your work!

Most of all, good luck and well done for having the courage to go for it! xx
The items and paints should only work out to about £2 per item, and the kiln would cost about £2 per fire, which would be about once a week. I just wasn't sure what people thought was an acceptable price to pay for kids parties at home as it's been a good few years since I worked in that industry!

I was looking to start the business within the local area, so that items can be delivered back personally fairly easily.

Thanks for the suggestions - gives me lots more ideas to look into. I know i'll need a CRB, but that's fine - I've nothing to hide!!

I've always wanted to work for myself and do something more creative, but it took losing my job to make me consider it seriously, now I couldn't be more excited. I just want to make sure i've considered everything beforehand though!
I just want to say good luck. I admire enterprise and courage.

You have received good advice here, take it.

It sounds a jolly good idea to me and different as well.

The school route seems a good one to take to start with and would be a regular income for you for a few days a week. The rest of the week could be spent persuing other outlets for your talents.


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