Business Trip


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Hi All,

I am taking a business trip in February for a forum and I'm trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the trip as it relates to CD. I'm going to do my absolute best to do at most SS+. I need to leave some room for networking meals as I hate being that person who just sits and stares as everyone else eats.

But anyway, I've ordered an assortment of 12 bars and a variety pack (prepacked) of the shakes. It'll give me 24 meals for the 7 days I'm gone. I'm also planning on bringing a shaker so I can mix things up and such.

Is there anything else I should plan on bringing? I only have 1 carry-on and no checked luggage and we Americans don't get fun stuff like tetras, porridge and such.
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Hmm black coffee is readily available in coffee shops etc but do you drink anything like peppermint tea? If you do, maybe a box of those so you can make your own in your hotel room. :) x


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sounds like you have it all in hand!
good luck with it all!


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Actually coffee is a good idea to bring. Normal coffee makes me pretty sick to my stomach so I'll have to make sure to bring my tummy sensitive stuff. Good thinking!