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Butcher than does SW foods

I've heard of this butcher before at class but only tried it out today. They do syn free all sorts of things. And also can tell how many syns are in other things they sell.

I got for the freezer; turkey and veg burgers; turkey and veg meatballs; stuffed peppers - all syn free.

And for tonight's meal I got syn free sausages flavoured with mustard and horseradish and had them with beans and mashed potatoe with laughing cow light cheese triangles mixed in. Delicious :eat:

DH didn't like the sausages but I loved them so I don't care LOL.
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This sounds like a great idea - is it a chain of Butchers or an individual shop?

It would be great if Slimming World could petition a chain of Butchers/Cafes etc to do this sort of thing!
It's an individual. He sells from Oswaldtwistle Mills near Accrington. His staff go to SW classes in the area now and then with samples of their stuff and also to sell some. Whoever thought it up, it's a great idea.

There was also a lady in my class a couple of weeks ago who mentioned that an Indian Takeaway in Padiham (my town) make her low-fat/calorie indian dishes (only a select few of them of course). She phones this guy at the beginning of the evening with what she wants and he makes it up for her!!! Trouble is she hasn't been in class since and I'm dying to find out which takeaway it is LOL.
Wow that sounds awesome. Hubby came home yesterday after having bought loads of sausages from a 'mate of his' who knows 'this guy that sells sausages' lol (all sounds v. dodge doesn't it...! but it's not!) and we're having a couple tomorrow night. I dread to think what the syns are... would rather than syn free ones!

We also have a local butcher that we can go to get syn free sausages and burgers.Our consultant also takes orders and gets them ready for the next week,I think its a really good idea. I just wish a chain of pubs/restaurants would jump on board and publish the syn rate on the menu lol!
Our local butcher does syn free sausages and burgers - its worth asking if yours does as I know a few people on here that have found the local butcher near them does it xxx
one chain of pubs used to have the syn values on the menus, can't remember which now though. Don't know why it got taken off!
one chain of pubs used to have the syn values on the menus, can't remember which now though. Don't know why it got taken off!
that would be brill! x
For the peeps in the Glasgow area, there is a butcher called Ewing's in Main Street, Baillieston who also does SW stuff. He has burgers, sausages, beef olives, loads of stuff :) I still go there even though I don't do SW anymore lol
i buy my jacket potatoes on a lunch time from a shop where one of the women does SW at a different class and she always weighs my cheese and meat as healthy X's and my potatoes on a red day lol.

i think the fella who works there chatted me up because he said i dont think you should diet any more i like you just the way you are lol
Yep Abigail - that was a definate chat up LOL.

Is he good looking?
lol hes alright not my type, i live with my boyfriend anyway so nothings going to happen lol
all the women commented that he wouldnt want to take me out to dinner because im so fussy lol and he said he wouldnt mind as he would get extra dessert lol

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