BUtter beans! What are they for?


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Hiya. Please tell me more about butter beans. Are they like giant baked beans - ie do they have a little "skin" on them. And do they taste "buttery". I don't think i'd like a butter bean casserole or anything like that - but has anyone sexed up these little beasties in anything else?
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No, they don't taste like butter! They are like soya beans if you've ever had those? I usually boil them and just have them as one of my veg on my plate though I'm sure there's lots of other yummy things to do with them, like as you said, casseroles! Drooling at the thought now!


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Smooth texture, lovely with casseroles and in soups, also good with tuna and pasta either as a salad or in tomato sauce.


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i think butter beans are lovely, you should give them a go!


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Butter beans are great in soups. I have a mushroom soup recipe that has them in and it makes it really creamy. Ive also done a butterbean, carrot and cider stew which was yum and the one in the SW mag last month which was butterbean and bns.
The only problem I found was when I used dried beans I should have soaked and then boiled them before using them in a recipe but if you use tinned you can just rinse them


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As already said, they are like a white kidney bean, slightly larger but not as fat. They are wonderful in soups, casseroles, stews etc. The canned ones just need to be added at the end of cooking otherwise they disintegrate, but they are very good for thickening soups up when blended. They have a bit of a creamy texture to them and have a delicate flavour. Hope this helps a bit. Try them.


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I love them cooked with carrots, celery and onions; pureed and served with grilled fish and roast tomatoes. They're really nice!


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mm i lurve butter beans x


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I love them full stop! I quite like to curry them.
No idea why they are called butter beans, because they definitely are not buttery! They are very good for you - see this page on Wikipedia:

Phaseolus lunatus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can add them to any recipe which needs a bit of bulking up - meat or vegetable casseroles or stews or soups. They tend to absorb the flavours of whatever they are cooked with.

If you get them dried, which is cheaper, then you need to soak and boil them according to the instructions on the packet. Tinned ones are, in my opinion, not quite as nice, but obviously a lot less fuss.



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I've just put some in a bean chilli :) It smells lush, cant wait to eat it :)


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Sorry to lower the tone, but I can't too many as they give me terrible WIND lol. However, they are nice and quite filling too. I must buy some as I haven't had any for ages....


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Butter Beans are cheap and filling. Great with tuna and drizzled with Balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. Also good for soups. They are like big baked beans!


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I put them in a chepherds pie type thingy a few weeks back (made with minced turkey, and topped with Sweet pots so nothing like shepheds pie!!) - really nice - made it more filling (and cheaper as used less meat!!)