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Butternut Squash Chips


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I've cut them into chip shapes, seasoning, garlis and frylight.
I find BNS very sweet TBH.


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I agree with the above - i do this with parsnips aswell, you just cut it to chip shape (if thick, par boil for a few minutes) season as you like and put in a hot oven for 20 mins



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BNS is sweet but I LOVE mine sprinkled with homemade cajun seasoning then roasted. It's very yummy and gives them a nice kick!!

2 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon ground black pepper

This makes quite a bit so you might want to scale the recipe down or just store in a container with your spices and use it in lots of different recipes like I do to jazz them up!


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I love BNS too, and usually have it roasted or in soup. Does it make good chips then? MIne always goes pretty soft when I raost it...any tips?


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Mine go soft too but I like it when they get slightly blackened at the ends! Kinda caramelised. Yummmmm.

Roz V

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I love butternut squash wedges! Just cut into wedge shaped chunks, sprinkle with whatever seasoning you like (or none at all - still delicious!) and roast until tender. They are so sweet, I can easily snack on them cold!!!

We took some to the taster evening recently, sprinkled with garlic pepper, chilli flakes (too hot for me!), cumin and piri-piri (separately, though StaceyUK's mix ^ sounds good!).

They were popular, but everyone, even our consultant, was amazed that we left the skin on - as usual thanks to whoever posted that recently on here, I really love the skin even if it goes a bit chewey! (caramelised - perfect description^).

They're not really 'chips' though, but go with everything as far as I'm concerned! Must try this with parsnips too, as pesty suggested. Probably too late now, but we got 2 HUGE BNS's at Aldi, each weighing one and a quarter kilos, at 49p each - they're currently on offer at Sainsbury's at £1 per kilo!!!

Oh, how I love this site - if someone hadn't posted elsewhere, I wouldn't have known about the offer...
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Put them on a preheated tray in oven to make them crispier and cook at quite high heat. Be careful as they do burn quickly as they are full of natural sugar. Keep an eye on them/1


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My oven finally got fixed yesterday so I managed to get these made - I have never, ever roasted butternut squash before - OMG - how nice is it roasted?? It has always been one of those things I made soup with but didn't ever do anything else - I am off to Aldi to buy a load more now before they finish the offer.


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It is a godsend on EE and red days, IMO!! I pretty much have it every other day at least! I've also newly discovered roasted fresh beetroot which is also very nice sprinkled with cajun seasoning!


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It takes about an hr to roast depending on the size of the chunks but it's yummy!
Roasted BNS - YUM!!

Our Sunday 'Roast' this week is going to be lamb chops (all the fat cut off) with green beans and roasted BNS - roasted with fresh garlic and thyme - delicious!

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