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Butternut Squash


Grappling with life

I bought a butternut squash the other day as I like to make the squash n' carrot soup.

However I don't fancy a soup and wondered how else I could eat it. I was planning on just sort of chopping it into wedges and throwing it in the actifry with a spray of oil. Having it instead of potatoe wedges - should i season it with something?

It is a nil point food isn't it?

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hoping for a good loss
Roasting it in its skin and then scooping out the flesh is yummy.

Peeling and spraying with frylight and then roasting it in chunks is yummy

Made into a soup with red peppers is yummy.

Slicing it fairly thinly and roasting it and then drizzily with a little chilly sauce.

Yes it is free and if you can't tell by now, I love the stuff lol

Charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
Meant to say, a bit of salt and pepper is all I use


Grappling with life
Thanks. Might have the whole thing for my lunch tomorrow as I need to save a few points for some nibbles and cakes in the evening!



hoping for a good loss
Just made myself another batch of soup with one - love the stuff


Grappling with life
I've still not had mine yet, I had all the best intentions and have just boredom picked today. i have 6 points left, have nothing planned for dinner and will still have to go and have nibbles and birthday cake this evening. Eeeek:eek:


Grappling with life
I believe its from the pumpkin family and it has quite a sweet taste. In fact I might go and chuck mine in the actifry rihgt now before I pick on anything else!!
I love bns,very very filling. I'm gonna go and buy one today and i might try roasting it with the skin on(i hate peeling them).
I like to roast it with salt & pepper and garlic or you can use garlic salt.
I cut mine into wedges and roasted them, hoping for some nice wedges. However, mine shrunk loads!!!! I'm not sure why?? They still tasted nice though. Any tips to how you cook them and why mine shrunk to a quarter of the size :)
I love butternut squash. I just cut mine in half, leave the skin on spray with a little oil spray sprinkle on some salt and pepper and bake like I would a baked potato. Then when it's soft. I scoop out the seeds (it's easier when it's cooked but you can do it before, I am just a lazy cook) and I use it like I would a baked potato I fill it with some chopped chicken with a little low fat mayonaisse. It's really delicious with a curry filling and as it's zero pints it's better thn the rice and leaves you more points for the curry. I make a nice Thai curry with low fat coconut milk that goes great with butternut.
OK all this talking of butternut has made me hungry. Think I know what I'll be making for tea tonight :D

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