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Butterscotch = Bleurgh!

Yep, it's official, I truly detest the butterscotch shake.

I had one on my first day and hated it, so returned my other sachets to my CDC, but thought this week I'd give it another go, assuming that it was just me getting used to the taste of the shakes.
But no, I had one this evening and it tasted like cardboard:sign0137:

Back to the yummy Toffee and Walnut again, I guess:D
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It's funny cos I loved the equivalent one on LL but I hated the CD one too. Gotta agree, walnut one is fab!
I think I'm on 2 toffee & walnut ones a day at the moment:eek::D, although surprisingly I've tried all the shakes and it's only the Butterscotch one I really dislike.

Glad to know I'm not alone!


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Just goes to show it really is horses for courses, as I love butterscotch. :)
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I love toffee and walnut but I also like butterscotch too. However I do prefer it as a mousse rather than a shake.
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Oo hot butterscotch porridge, I LURVE the butterscotch! *Off to find psyllium husks and make some*

Theresa x
i had my first butterscotch (just started diet yesterday) yesterday and thought it was ok. however i had to chuck my mushroom soup down the sink, it made me rift. i don't like mushroom anyway but thought with it being a soup it wouldn't be too bad. had a chilli soup thing for tea which was also ok. then breakie, toffee and walnut which yep you're all right it is nice. oh and according to my scales i've lost 8lb since monday night-wow i like this diet. hope i can keep it up.


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Butterscotch is ok-ish - I had to add coffee to it tho. Haven't tried Toffee & walnut yet, but going by what you are all saying I'll def give it a go!


Doing it for keeps now!!
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My two favs are absolutely butterscotch and toffee/walnut...I blend them in a smoothie maker with a spponful of coffee to make a hot creammy latte...delicious!

Deb G

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Its similar to LLs caramel one - and that's vile as a drink - but gorgeous as a muffin!
Well, I love the chocolate and chocolate orange. Unfortunately Butterscotch and Walnut thingies make me ill. What I can not take however is the lactose free stuff...even the chocolate ones are horrid....can;t wait for my next food pack...

Hmmm, I appear to be outnumbered by the Butterscotch brigade:D

Maybe my CDC has a dodgy batch then? as they really are bad, but all the others have been yummy, even the flavours I wouldn't normally like (banana) are palatable, so I'll leave it a while and try again when she gets new stock in:p

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