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buying clothes, as an aim.


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im thinking about buying something to aim for atm. Not my final goal, but something to aim for then when i fit into that, buying something else smaller.
Anyone done this, and does it work?:confused:
What should i get and what size do you think? im 24-26 atm on bottem and 22 on top :(
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Yes do it. You will feel amazing when you fit into it. Get something nice in a size 16/18 and hang it where you can see it everyday. Good luck with it x
id get a size 24 trousers/skirt and a 20 top, thats one size then next u could buy a 22trousers and 18top!

I started my journey in 26 jeans now fit into 22/24. can fit into 22 tops now aswell.

I think its a great thing to do and try them on every so often!
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I've been doing exactly this over the last few days. I'm currently in an 18 but have bought a few thing in a 16 and a 14 to aim to get into. I think jeans are good things to get purely because they tend to be slightly on the tight side when you first put them on, so the day you can comfortably get into the is the day know that that is your current dress size without a doubt.
I wouldn't recommend spending a fortune on them though (been buying mine on ebay) because you won't be in them to long.
I would buy things in the next 2 dress sizes down if I were you and try to get things you can mix and match (I can wear most of my new stuff at home and at work). Have fun!!!:D


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I bought my first ever pair of size 14 jeans at new year and it felt so amazing to get in them. They were tight but I got them on and done up and I was very happy to see in the new year wearing them. For once I actually wished the label was on the outside so everyone could see!
I've done this (got a lovely pair of dusky pink jeans staring at me as I type this) which are 2 sizes too small. I've also got a cupboard full of clothes I've shrunk out of looking for good homes so, if anyone's interested...



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I had clothes in 24-26-28 ish sizes at end of last year, started CD on 4th JAn, and yesterday I bought size 18 jeans and size 18 tops in NEXT.................and they FIT! you will be surprised how quick you shrink. I bought few pairs of ASDA 3.00 a pair jeans ...they only lasted 3-4 wks a pair, but at least they only cost 3 quid a pair! AND I sold them on ebay when i'd finished with them!
Have sold all my FAT clothes on ebay, managed to wear most of them for 3 months, but it got ridiculous, have only lost 4 stone, with 4 stone to go. would like to be a 14 (in my dreams!!)


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im buying a top, in size 18, thats my first goal, i can get in size 20 tops atm, so i thought size 18, and the tops gorgeous lol

also.... to make me even more determend, ive brough a cheap vest top in size 14! ive never been a size 14! well maybe when i was 9 lol!

Mrs B

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I think it's a great idea. Don't spend too much, though - you won't be wearing them for long. I'd also say don't take too big a leap in sizes as you might not like the same things when you've lost a bit IYSWIM.


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I agree with MrsB, buy a couple of cheepy things, but don't go too overboard, cos you don't know what shape you will be :)
the top you've picked is cute though :) you're normally "safe" with tops like that.. but dresses and such you can never be too sure of, you can be as slim as you like but it still might not suit you!!! ebay is a good idea, or the supermarkets...
I'm having to get rid of a load of clothes from my wardrobe now, stuff that's never been worn, still have tags and everything.. some of it's now too big, and some just look stupid on me!! gutted :(
My first goal item was a size 18 dress that I wanted to wear to a party on 15th March - it worked, the dress fitted but my little one decided to get a bug, so I never got to wear it. It's now too big.

My second goal item is hanging on the picture rail in my bedroom - size 14 track suit bottoms. They are very tight at the moment, but I try them on every now and again just to see!

I would recommend it.
I never thought of doing that, but I will now. Even though my wardrobe is full of clothes in different sizes.. I think I may get something new and have it hanging up waiting for me to fit into it.
Ive been doing this. Buying things just one size too small and coming home from my weigh in every week and trying it on. Its amazing how quickly things fit, and doing it a dress size at a time means you won't go off the item before you get to wear it - or worse - watch it go down in price in the sale.

I bought some size sixteen jeans to slim into on saturday in the Next sale and was amazed when they fit perfectly BUT I didn't like the style on me!!


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I do this as well, I have a pair of gorgeous gap jeans that are my final target size that hang on the back of my bedroom door for inspiration. I have also bought a pair of jeans in the next size down from primark (only £3) so it doesn't matter if i shrink out of them quickly!!!!!

Quick tip if you want to buy something "nice" ie not so cheap for your inspiration M&S have a 90 day refund policy so if you get to that size and discover it no longer suits you or you don't like it you can easily return it!!!!

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I didn't buy samer clothes to aim for, as my clothes got too big i threw them away or sent them to the charity shop. As i got smaller i bought the smaller size but as they became too big again they went to a charity shop. That way if i didn't have any bigger sizes therfore i could afford to re gain the weight!

I started off as a size 22/24 i'm now size 12 bottoms & 14 top, i have nothing with an elastic waist so i can't gain much weight because i'll have nothing to wear & i refuse to ever buy bigger sizes again!!!!


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