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I got some weightwatchers digital scales from argos. I found mechanical scales very unreliable.

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I got my scales recently for Lloyds Chemists, they are digital and also give you your BMI etc and you can store stuff on there etc! far to complicated for me but I like that I can weigh myself in stones and lbs.
I think mine is Tanita, very reliable, it gives me the same reading as my CDC.
I think the are around £40-£60. They are really pretty too. They tell u ur body fat %, muscle %, how much water u r retaining, BMI its cool


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ive been looking on here, this is where my cdc got his from i was looking for when im a cdc, but my personal scales at home are the ww ones from argos they are great.xx

Thanks for this Susan, this was the kind of thing I was thinking of. Ones that can be moved and reset, and can be calibrated for carpet. I have had so many digital ones that never give the same reading if you stand on them 3 times in a row. Hate that!
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