Bye, bye Evans I am a size 18! whoopee!!!!

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  1. Heaven can wait

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    I am having such a great few days , I had my week eight WI and have lost 3 stone from 24 March to 24 May and just had to let you all know how thrilled I was yesterday, when I discovered I was a size 18 ! I nearly fell over, when I dared to try on a size 18 pair of jeans and they fit! I went mad and bought then even though I vowed I wouldnt spend lots of dosh on clothes untill I was at goal, but I literlly have no trousers to wear because they were falling down all the time and hunching them up all the time does not look very ladylike or attractive(think buildersbum and you have the idea!) I avoided going shopping becuase I didnt want to try on and be dissapointed that I still couldnt get into the clothes I like.
    I have been wearing all the same clothes I have always worn and the tops are loose but not unacceptable (made me realise they must have been bloomin tight when i was 3 stone heavier!)
    I havent worn jeans for over ten years and being a size 22 24 depending whether post binge or post diet I more or less had to buy everything from Evans and I hated the prices and the lack of choice and sometimes dubious quality.
    I guess I just wanted to have more choice and be able to actaully shop for clothes like smaller people, and I feel so liberated and young again!
    I know I still have a way to go (4 stone) but I now for the first time feel as if I can be a slim person , not destined to be a fat, frumpy, middle -aged, invisible woman indefinately.

    I never thought it possible because I considered myself a hopeless case, but this diet really is changing the way I view myself and its great!
    just thought this might inspire others who are the start of thier journey , keep it up soon be feeling like me GREAT!!!!
    Love Carole
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  3. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    Hi Carole,
    Well done and I'm not surprised you had to buy those jeans ... what an incentive.
    I'm so looking forward to being able to buy in 'normal' shops too. Evans was great but it'll be even greater to pass it by evey time I go looking for clothes. Hasn't happened yet to me but I know it will in time.
    Happy clothes hunting Carole xx
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  4. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    That's great Carole, I'd have bought them too. Won't be long till they're falling off you :)

  5. Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum One day at a time

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    Well done Carole, I know what you mean.
    I'm now officially overweight, just got into the size 16's & in the 12 stones. (top end)
    I love looking in normal clothes shops, knowing that I can fit into their clothes, I don't want to ever go in Evans again.
    I can't stop buying clothes for the next size down.
    I've still got 3 stone to go & feel the same, I will not ever be fat again. I'm so glad to have found this diet.

    Well done & keep going.
  6. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    well done i cant wait too get too that stage.
  7. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    :) That's great news Carole, you wait for the day when you can walk straight pass evans coz everthing is too big for you in there!!! An amazing feeling that is!

    Well done you, keep up the fanstatic work
  8. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    Nice one!!!!!

    Size 16 here you come :party0011: :party0011: :party0011: :party0011: :party0011: .
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  9. littleblue

    littleblue Full Member

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    wow, what a brilliant feeling! I can't wait!
    I am still getting used to the idea that I am 3 stone lighter, I pick up clothes and assume they won't fit... and then find out they do!
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  10. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Well done you!! Hurrah!! :party0019: Very chuffed for you! I REFUSE to go to evans again and will have to resort to cheapie tesco/asda clothes this weeend because my clothes are embarassingly loose!! Well done you though - keep up the good work!
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  11. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    You are all so lovely !

    Thanks guys !

    Have a brilliant week all of you, just off to sort all the too big clothes out , gonna list some of the expensive stufflike Ann Harvey & Monsoon size 20, 22's on good old Ebay to help boost the smaller size clothes fund. Its great isnt it ?
    Well done to everyone else who is having trouble keeping thier trousers up! OOPS (in the best possible taste of course!)
  12. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hee!Hee! Love it!! ( Also loving beginning to be able to look in "normal" shops too!! Almost there.....)

    Happy Sunday chaps!! I am off to do some baking, as its raining and I love to cook on rainy days!! I think today its Easter biscuits, as the family love them and they smell good!!!

  13. scareypeanuts

    scareypeanuts Just one day at a time

    Waiting to start Avidlite
    WOW that is fantastic. Size 18, then 16 and before you know it, it will be 14 and then............
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