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Bye everyone


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Hello All you lovely CD'ers

I've got to say bye bye unfortunately. I was taken into hospital over the weekend and have been diagnosed with gallstones. I have been told that the diet kicked them up and that I have to radically alter my eating habits and stay on medication until my operation. I have to have a high fibre, extremely low fat diet with no dairy, red meat, sauces or oily fish but I have to actually eat these foods at least twice a day to keep my system working. Apparently gallstones are mainly caused by being overweight and then 'fasting' as they called it, ie suddenly eating a VLCD, it can cause a chemical imbalance in the gall bladder.

I feel extremely down and to be honest after the incredible pain i've been in, i dont want to eat anything ever again !!

I cant believe I have to give up now, I know I'll probably lose weight on the new regime but I feel lost without my shakes and soups !! I'm scared !:sigh:
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Sorry to hear about the gallstones ... hope things get sorted soon.

Do you have to leave the boards though? This is a place of support for anyone who is struggling with weight ... no matter what diet plan or even 'in between' when dieting has gone out of the window.

Hope you stay.
Oh bless you, Sash!!

What a horrible thing to happen to you and I hope that the op goes well and you recover very soon.

VLCDs often get the blame for gallstones rearing their ugly head, but they can become problematic on any weightloss diet as they're created over a long period of time but most people only realise they've got them once they try to lose weight.

It must feel very scary, I'm sure but at least the problem has been diagnosed now and can be sorted.

Bless ya!


PS forgot to say - of course it would be a real shame if you left Minimins - please stay - you are part of the gang!!

Hi Sash,

Poor you but please don't leave the boards as we can still support you.

One thought though - in order to stick to the doctors orders and ensure your nutrition is maintained, why not follow the 1200 programme in your yellow book this is high fibre, low GI, low fat foods. You do have 2 CD packs and you can substitute these for the lactose free variety hence taking dairy out of the equasion. Just a thought.

It might be worth running this by the GP as you will not be on a VLCD but the packs will ensure optimum nutrition for you.

If not still look at the low GI diet as this is really good and use wholegrain foods and less processed.

As Isobel says very often the gallstones are there and the diet just brings them to the fore.

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Aw Tash, you have my sympathies. Gallstones are horrendously painful.

Linda's suggestion could be a good way for you to go :)

Please hang around.


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Sash dont leave the boards, you have been given great advice and I would ask your gp if you can do the plan that Linda has recommended.

Why do vlcd`s get blamed for gallstones, most people have them without realising, many experience no pain or symptoms.


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So sorry to hear about the gall stones. I can sympathise with you on that one, I had them too, and the pain was unbelievable! Couldn't really describe it to anyone who hadn't had them. Have had my gall bladder removed, so that problem is well over! Keep posting on the boards, we are here to help with ANY problem. Take care hun, and hope you don't have to wait too long to get them sorted.


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Thanks SO much everyone. Brought a tear to my eye :sigh:

I am going to see my CD counsellor tomorrow evening so I might have a chat to her about the CD 1200 plan. I wont leave the boards - i'll just feel like a fraud and a failure though for eating food !!!

I dont blame CD for it, I blame myself for letting myself get fat and unfit in the first place :eek:


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Why do vlcd`s get blamed for gallstones, most people have them without realising, many experience no pain or symptoms.
There seems to be some link with food intake. My consultant didn't agree that it was VLCD related. He said that the majority of 'sufferers' wouldn't even know what a VLCD was.

So I guess opinions are divided on this. The last time I was in with them, the doctor said it can be caused by going from a healthy diet, then suddenly include a fair bit of fat. She said the gallbladder panics :rolleyes: I did suggest that I just stayed on high fat then :D

Like the other doctor, she didn't blame the CD, just said that if you are eating healthily and you suddenly don't, it could set it off again.


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I know how painfull gallstone attacks are I had terrible attacks I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago when I was 23.
I was in a ward full of old people lol Mine settled down when I lost weight but I wasnt on a vlcd just healthy eating but then I got preg and the pains came back so they took it out with key hole surgery in and out in one day !!

Good luck and if you fancy a chat pm me xxxx
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Hi there Sash

Hope it al goes well and you get your op soon. I had my Gallbladder removed about 13 years ago and they gave e them in a little bottle, Gross or what! Mine were tiny little things not much bigger than tomato seeds, but hundreds of them. My doctor believes that they were caused by HRT after I had my ovaries removed, not diet related at all. It just goes to show, dosent it we cant really know why these thigs happen. I was overweight , but during the 6 months I had to wait for the keyhole surgery I actaully lost 3 and half stone, becuase I coundnt eat anything fatty at all because it immediately triggered an attack and OMG they are the most horrrendously painfull thing, I really sympathise. My doctor (cheeky Cow) actually said she had considered leaving them in to control my weight , but was worried I might develop Pancreatitis!

keep on the boards , we all need support VLCD or not.
Best wishes

Mrs Depp

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I don't agree with vlcd's being the cause of gallbladder problems either.

My gallbladder started playing up when I was pregnant with my daughter. To be honest I was overweight at 11st but I developed a craving for cheese, milk and cheese & onion crisps and could easily eat them all day long! :eek:

I think that's what started off my troubles, all that fat in my diet and not being able to move about easily because the baby was enormous! :eek:

I'd been getting pains and only found out the cause when I developed septacemia after Amy's ceasarian and they finally removed it a few months after she was born.

Don't say you're a fraud and a failure Sash.:confused: It's not your fault you've got gallstones lovie, you'll still be losing weight and I'm glad you're still going to be around Minimins:D


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Oh poor you!!! I had to have my Gallbladder removed a few years ago because I had gallstones... I agree the pain is undescribable. The surgeon refused to operate because I was so overweight and said that he would operate after I had lost an "acceptable" amount!!!!! Anyway, I did develop Pancreatitis and almost died, was in hospital for a week on IV antibiotics after having my gallbladder removed.
I was following Rosemary Connelly when mine started to give me hell and had lost 8 stone, anything with the slightest bit of fat would trigger an attack.
You will be so relieved when they are out.

Good luck with the op and keep posting

Jazzy x


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Mine started years ago and settled with a very occasional flair up, but they got really bad whilst pregnant with my youngest, I had to take a lot of pethedine as this was the strongest I could have whilst being pregnant, at 6months pregnant I developed pancreatitis for the second time and were going to deliver Cal early but thankfully with drugs etc it eased. I was prepared for my gallbladder removal 8 times in total and every time it was cancelled 5 minutes before I was due to go down to theatre. This was becasue of my weight they wanted to wake me in ICU, in case of problems.

Anyway I finally had the gallbladder and some stones removed and all has been well since.

Hmmm I have been wondering as I had been on quite a bit of pethedine during my pregnancy do you think this could have affected Cal in any way ??????????????????

Mrs Depp

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Anyway I finally had the gallbladder and some stones removed and all has been well since.

Hmmm I have been wondering as I had been on quite a bit of pethedine during my pregnancy do you think this could have affected Cal in any way ??????????????????[/quote]

Why don't you ask you GP if that could be the cause? There's no harm in asking is there?:D

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