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Caffeine for weighloss


MiniMins Addict
I have been reading that Caffeine is good for weightloss, in the fact that it increases metabolism. What are your opinions on this?

I used to take Pro plus to stay awake at work and I must admit that I was buzzing around on hyper mode. But never took it on a regular basis to notice weigh loss, but I have read so much on this I am going to try it again.

Today I found a great deal on desireablebody, 80 Caffeine Extra tablets free – all you pay is £2.95 postage, so I have sent off for mine. In for a penny in for £2.95 lol
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MiniMins Addict
I don't mind satsuma's but really dont like oranges or blueberries. I drink coffee during the day to keep me awake and alert - so wouldn't it be like having a cuppa in a tablet?


Bouncy Castle
it might raise your metabolism a fraction, but to have a profound enough effect you'd need to raise your heart rate to dangerous levels. caffeine is potentially dangerous stuff in high doses. and really unpleasant to boot.

i remember as a teenager the rumour was that taking loads of proplus would give you a 'buzz' :rolleyes: I felt like i was dying. it was really, really scary and unpleasant for that evening, and half the next day. as a more aware and less scared adult, if i was having those symptoms now i'd have gone straight to a&e.


Repeat Offender
It's dangerous. Pro plus raises your energy levels by increasing your heart rate and actually gives you an irregular heart beat. I'm pretty against them at any time but especially against regular use. To be honest, I see it as pointless. Unless you're going to continue doing whatever you're going to do to raise your metabolism for the rest of your life then it's pointless as it will return to normal. You, not specifically you I mean generally as in people, need to learn how to lose weight where they're at. I know it's tempting to look for every quick fix and boost possible but in short, it doesn't work and it doesn't help you change your lifestyle. My advice is to throw them away when they arrive, you've only spend £2.95 so it's not much of a loss. It's not like having a cup of coffee as it causes a faster spike which means a bigger crash afterwards. I really would throw them away.


Dave's little girl
I agree - I would never use it for an energy boost. I tend to drink green or fruit tea at home and have the occasional starbucks skinny latte.

I find even that gives me a kick now. Sometimes not in the right direction either.


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In the past to stop me feeling hungry ive drank huge amounts of diet pepsi. It did work but after a couple of weeks i had constant indegestion that felt like i was having a heart attack.

Since then i dont drink it and have had no chest pains


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I thought caffine actually worked against weight loss by retaining water. I remember at a WW meeting a few years back the leader was trying to encourage us all to stay off tea and coffee and switch to green tea instead. The next week those of us who had changed got great weight losses. I will never forget that. I think caffine tablets can be great as a pick me up if you are really tired but I am not sure I would be happy taking them on a regular basis