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Caffeine withdrawal headache?


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Probably a combination of caffeine and carb withdrawal then - most people feel grotty to some extent at some time during the first week.
Take a couple of painkillers, keep up your water intake, and if you can grab a hug and/or a nap all the better!


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Thanks :) Had some painkillers and drank some more water, I do feel a bit better. I did manage a nap after work yesterday (not something I normally do), but sadly I don't really have time to sleep nevermind nap for the next couple of months!

The hug sounds like a good idea though, always time for that :)


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Hey, I had a stonking head ache all through day 2, then woke up on day 3 feeling bloody fantastic :D Like you I used to drink 2+ litres of coke/diet coke a day so yeah I think it is significant. But as PP said it is also the last of your carb supplies leaving your body, and your body adjusting to not having a fresh supply to burn :)

Fingers crossed you will be in Ketosis in the next day or 2


going to do it this time!
Omg ratty you sound like me!! I've been on SS for about 9 and a half weeks now..i used to drink 6 cans of diet coke a day :O .. really bad!! and then i just cut it out completely.. drink water now!! Give it a few days & you'll feel soo much better for it!! :) xx


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Well it's the beginning of day three today, and my head still hurts (but not as much as it did yesterday).

Roll on this sense of wellbeing I've heard so much about :rolleyes:


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ouch! ratty....its got to be caffeine withdrawals 2 litres of coke a day is a serious coke habit lol...and throw in a hanful of carbs = one large headache...drink lots of water and lots of hugs and it WILL get better...ive now started having caffeine free coffee with a choc tetra in they are soo nice....good luck with your weightloss...

Diddy x


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Ratty, know excalty how you feel.. i used to drink bout the same but normal coke. Im on day 2. and I want coke soooooo bad :(.
Its just sooooooo goooooooood.
But Nope Im Sticking to water


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I'm at the beginning of day four now, and my head feels almost clear and I'm in a good mood

I don't drink coffee at all (the smell makes me ill!), so it's been zero caffeine for me, and I reckon that's me living without it now.

I will miss Diet Coke more than any other thing though. There's something about an ice cold can of DC that is just perfect!

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