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Cake and chocolate fixes?

Hi guys! Im after some advice on cakey/chocolate fixes without blowing the syn budget... I cant stand 'fakes' unless its incredibly good! .. and i cant have loads hanging around the house so baking is out for the minute.. i have NO self control and its going to take me a while before i can be trusted again! but i wondered what your fave treats were??

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I like Cadbury chocolate mousse (lights) 3 syns and a proper chocolate hit!! Micado sticks are good too but only If u can control urself and not eat the whole box.
Chocolate covered strawberries are lovely for a sweet tooth too xx


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Jaffa cake bars are 5.0syns, galaxy caramel cake bars are 6.0syns.

Cake for teh win!
I like mikados because you can make them last quite a while, they are only half a syn each so if you are using your syns at the end of the day you can get quite good value. I have to stand counting them out at the fridge though and leave the box behind.
milky way fun size 3.5
curly wurly 6
add low calorie choc drink to sweetener and ff yoghurt/ff fromage frai for low syn hit or use reduced fat cocoa for even less syns but stronger taste.(cadbury cocoa powder 1/2 syn for heaped tsp)


Thorntons Moments - each chocolate is only 2 syns and soooooo worth it ;)


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Lindt minibars are 2 for 3.5syns. *dribble*
McVities Gold bar with caramac (6 syns)

Weight Watchers Luxury Iced Desserts, Chocolate Brownie, twin pack, frozen, 100ml pot (4.5 syns)

Weight Watchers Chocolate biscuits - crunchy double chocolate biscuits wrapped in real Belgian milk chocolate - comes in packs of 5 individually wrapped biscuit fingers(4.5 syns)
I dunno where you can get them, my husband brought them back from Amsterdam...

But, picture:
Oh damn, iv had these before (i think was bought them for christmas one time, never seen them since).. i was VERY overly excited when you said two BARS for 3.5- i envisioned proper little bars, ... at the rate i eat lindt i'd need to save them for christmas only! LOL xxxx

LOL, sorry fern, its two TINY bars, but they are velvety smoothness and sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Sorry, I think I've drooled on my keyboard!
You and me both!!!!! Pity I don't have many syns left today!


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I have milky way magic stars and suck them soooo slowly!!
A tiny pack is 3.5 syns ( can never get these so I weighed some from a big bag and it works out 14 stars... Yummy

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