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cal counting through healthy eating to enjoy summer 2012

I have yo yo dieted and lost weight doing very low cal diets, now I want to do it healthy :)

I enjoy cooking, when I have time so want to try and cook lots of healthy meals for me and hubby :) using natural ingredients. am going to have a hunt round to see if there are so recipes about on the forum.

i have just turned 30 :) and want to be healthy. I am just over 15 stone and at 171cm I am obese :( I am in this for the long hall. So I am looking at loosing 1.5lbs a week to begin with. I have just joined food focus, which has worked out I can have 1350 cals a day. I don't do any exercise other than the odd bit of walking.

My aim to to be somewhere near 10 stone next aug time.

We go on away mid sep and if I could I would like to be around 14 stone by then, then at 13.9 stone my BMI will be overweight rather than obese :) and ideally I would like to be 13 stone by Christmas, but we will see.

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Ok, so I was still hungry on 1350, so have upped it to 1600 cals a day and will see what happens. i should loose 1bs a week :) On the plus side yesterday i ate all healthy food bar 2 chocolate buttons :) so i am sure I am eating less fat than normal :)

So i properly started my "diet" on sat and I had a sneaky weigh in this morning and was 209.6 lbs so I must be doing something right :) I know lots of that is prob water weight maybe cause of the less rubbish I am eating.

Think I might use this as a food diary as the food focus site keeps logging me out!Grrrrr!!!

I need to look into what I am supposed to keep my fat under a day.My aim for today is to drink 2 L of water. i am off to a good start with 500mls of hot water and a squeeze of lemon :)

Have a try with myfitnesspal :) it's honestly the best one I've ever used!! You can find your fat levels there xx well done on a great start!!

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2 x eggs 190 cals
3 cherry tom 10 cals
1x rivta 34 had 2 but didn't like them with scrambled egg so left the other one!

3 plain crackers 96 cals
1 kiwi 40
2 whole walnuts 55 cals

1/2 avocado 180 cals
5 crackers 160

toast 98
marmite 20

I didn't add this up but had jacket pot, with home made veggie chili. 700 ish??? Must made things without weighing them!

So I think i was in my cal allowence :)
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Lets see if I can do as well as yesterday! Having tea at mums so maybe a bit tricky! But they ( as in mum, dad and hubby) are having mums lasagna. I am going to make myself cottage pie, with either turkey mince or lean beef mince, depending whats lower in fat, when we go shopping i will look. Going to add sweet pot with normal one as figure sweet pot may have more vits!

2 x weetabix 117
200 mls milk 70- bit left over which i will use in my decaf tea
20g raisins-60 cals

small apple 40cals
natural organic yog 60 cals

Veggie soup 106
wholmeal bread 140

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