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Calcium & Fibre but not using HeA & B


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And potato skins, brown rice and wholemeal pasta.

Dunno about calcium. Eat some toothpaste? (I jest of course)


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haha! i have a vitamin supplement i don't know if it includes calcium i'll have to check!


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in the food optimising book the foods with calcium have a C or a CC next to them I think, and fibre ones have a F or a FF!.....hope that helps xxx


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oh that does help! sometimes i forget to have my A's & B's but i want to keep nutritionally balanced!

Watercress, vine leaves, spinach, okra, curly kale and chinese leaves all have C or CC next to them in the book. Sea bass, too, and my favourite tilapia. Shrimps (but not prawns?), sardines and winkles. And dried figs.

I am always finding something new in the book!!
many beans peas grains and green veg contain calcuim - vegans just eat plenty of those and have no problems with calcuim levels
tofu is also a good source


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If you live in a hard water area there will be calcium present there. Grren leafy vegetables and any fish where you eat the tiny bones such as sardines and pilchards are good sources of calcium. Fibre is present in mosty fruit and vegetables. A healthy B isn't only about fibre as you can have olive oil as your choice
Sorry misunderstanding there
I think sw build them in for people who really need some help feeding themselves nutritionally well
I as a vegetarian have NO problems getting either fibre or calcuim or protein come to that all with free foods and often forget to have them (well did when I did sw) I lost 5st on sw and my health was really good
so although sw say you should have them - going without will not hurt you if you have a properly balanced diet
however in essence the questions then become - are you doing slimming world :):):)

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