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You can use the online syn calculator on the SW website, also theirs a book with every syn value in - I use both, but you kinda get to the point where you know your fav things syn values off by heart! xxx
I wish they did! but if you do join SW you can get a password for the life line online and there is a syns calculator on there.

Ruthy xxx
The consultant will give you the new password each week for the website.

The book you get given in class with the plan in has a list of all basic and standard foods sin values, but they may vary slightly between brands.

dont forget about all the free food though, as you don't have to count that at all.


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Thank you ! Im really looking forward to starting - i have just spoken to the SWC AND SHE WAS SO NICE! My son is also going to join and she was so supportive ! thank you all - I hope this works!
That's excellent you're taking your son too - i think it's great the way they focus on making healthy options for kids rather than how much weight they lose. It's important for kids not to feel like they're deprived of anything and SW just does that!


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Yep! I think it is great to - he is a big lad he is 5ft 3 and only just turned 11 and is a about 1.5stone over weight - which aint to bad but when you tower above all the kids in your class, you really feel like the odd one out - so hopefully this will help him.
The SWC sounded so positive... roll on tomorrow night!
It'll be great - at first i thought the clapping each time someone lost weight was so cheesy - but when you've lost and everyone claps for you it's really motivating.

Have fun and good luck!

Oh and if you haven't got one already - buy a magazine at class as they're full of recipes and ideas to get you started.


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LOL yes I was sooo embarrased first time I was clapped...but when I put on 1 pound on week 2 I was so relieved they werent all cross that I was sooo pleased they clapped and focused on the total weight loss and motivated me on for the next week! Now I am the greatest clapper in class ;-) lol if you can't beat em join em!

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