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Calling all 790'ers

Hey everyone.

I have started to do 790 and was wondering how many of us there are who are doing this plan. Thought it would be nice to have a little 790 group so we could swap ideas and give support.

So to start off. I'm helen have done 790 for a week and lost 6lbs. Am getting back into it after a bit of a blip and am aiming to lose 3st 7lbs.
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Good idea Helen!

I'm Becky, i have been doing 790 for a week too and have lost 8lb. I am really enjoying the combination of ss and food. However, i need to get more strict with myself concerning the amounts of food, so far i have guessed. (And i have been eating strawberries:eek::eek:, so i guess its not really 790!)

I would like to loose about 3 stone!
I'm Lou,

I had my first cdc appointment today. I'm starting 790 tomorrow :) Really looking forward to it. I love the fact that I can have half pint of skimmed milk for my cups of tea, feels less like a diet when there's milky cuppas!!

It's nice to have a 790 group :)

Lou xxx


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790 is absolutely fab! I would have done the whole diet on it if I had ever had it explained to me properly as the losses are very similar and the evening meal can be lovely!! and the milk in your brew of course!!
Hi Helen, I’m Helen too and have been back on 790 seriously for the past 8 days and have lost 8 pounds so far. I lost nearly 3 stone in 3 months on SS from Sept to Dec last year (my first attempt) and it was soo easy cos of the magic factor but I made the mistake of breaking SS and eating/drinking over Christmas thinking I could pick it back up. Can I say again to anyone who wants to hear or listen – it is sooo not worth it. 6 mths later I am still piddling with the 1 ½ stone but I am going to do it this time, with help please!! Becky I would love to be 11.7 - fancy a race? Keep glugging the water girls:party0038:


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Hi Helen,

I'm Lenny, and I am starting seriously on 790 today (I have been rather lax since tues after finishing SS)

I want to lose the final 15lbs to take me to goal - so decided to start moving up the steps. SS has been great and I've lost 39lbs but I have been cheating so much this last month that I need to move onto something new.

Good luck with weigh in on Sunday - and enjoy 790:)
I am now starting 790 tomorrow. I was due to start yesterday so took the day off work to ease myself into the cd way of dieting. Thought that i'd give myself Fri, Sat, Sun to get used to it all before going back to work on Mon. But my husband took yesterday and today off work so we could be together. Sweet......yes. Sabotage......definitely :D

Don't get me wrong, I could have started yesterday or today while he was here, but my will power is rubbish and I want to get through the first few days with as little temptation as possible.

I've got tomorrow planned....

10am - Vanilla Muffin

1pm - Banana Shake

4pm - Hot Chocolate Shake

7pm - Cottage Cheese with Black Pepper, Salad and fresh coriander leaves.

Plus a few milky cuppas (using my ½ pint skimmed milk :D)

How's everyone else getting on? Lou xxx
I started 790 yesterday as going on holiday in 4 weeks so wanted to work up plans even tho i still have a way to go yet. Im finding 790 alot easier i have to say but think i have come out of ketosis already :mad:. Only issue i have is i dont drink tea or coffee so had a small drink of milk to use up some of my allowance and i think my body had reacted badly to that much milk as i think i have a small intolerance to milk although i seem to be fine with the shakes but was up with stomach cramps alot of night.
The diet is worth it tho! Hope everyone is doing well!
i have been doing ss for 10 days but feel i am struggling. i do not feel hungry but am really finding it hard when the rest of the family sit down to a meal and i have a bottle of water. I feel i need to eat something / anything.

am considering 790 cal as a way of eating something. I think i would be able to do this quite happily. Does following 790 take your body out of ketosis or how does it work? Does anyone know?

im a bit worried as struggled for the first 4 days to get into ketosis i don't want to waste all that effort.

What sort of difference has 790 made to others weight losses?


Hey all, I am back on 790 as of Tuesday next week, am resurrecting this thread to keep all 790ers going!!

Having only done SS and then stabalisation, I have a quick question, hope someone can answer

Do you struggle with the side effects of getting in to Ketosis whilst doing 790, and if so is it as bad as SS???? Or as it is a milder Ketosis, using milk etc is it not too bad??
Feel free to join in!!!!!!!!!!
Have been struggling with doing the ss for weeks no months now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yo yoing with the old weight loss. Taking into account that everyone is really positive about the 790 I will be trying this as of monday. My last dipped attempt!!!!!! Any suggestions on keeping the food interesting?
Why not start a meal thread, setting out what we have eaten x
Hello Ladies,

Do you mind if I join you?

I'm starting on the 790 on Monday. I did Cd last year & lost 21lbs in 15 days.

I tried a few times (last year) to get back on Sole Source, but found it so hard. I never thought then of doing the 790 programme & I think it will be ideal.

See you all on Monday.


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