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Calling all bejewelled fans!!


The Diet Guy


Gone fishing
:eek::eek::eek: Oh no!!! Just when I've managed to kick my arcade addition, and my pedometer addiction, you do this:eek::eek::eek:

Would anyone like to join my pork pie competition;)



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Have registered dont know how to play it though duh !!!!!!
Good, KK - that means I have more chance of winning MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

No one tell her how to play!!! LMTO!!!!!

Oh go on then - you have to click on two adjoining jewels to make a line of 3. Try staying at the bottom of the grid, you get more points when there's a chain reaction of 3s falling into place and 'popping' lol.



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cheers izzy will have a go lmao !!


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just make sure you press 'submit' to submit your score. I signed up for the 'word eight' one and didnt click submit, so now my score is zero, so am out of that one :(

mind you shaza will be pleased coz I was up against her! :D
The rate I'm going today, I think I'll have a strop and jack the towel in! lol - my fingers are like hamhocks and am crashing and burning with monotonous regularity!!!



a bit different everyday
i cant play it at all, im useless, my score would be minus something , maybe i should sign up to give everyone a laugh!!!!!!!
AARGHH!!!! Just got two really low scores cos my poorly 5 year old needed attention!

I mean how inconsiderate is SHE!!!!

Can't leave me alone for 5 mins - sheesh!!!!!

Where's Angelina or Madonna when you want them?


I had one go then had to cancel it straight away cos had phone call, so it registered as 0!!

Then went to do it again and it said i couldn't, and now it shows as 2/2 played and score 0!!

I wana have a go!!

Any ideas?
Not sure, Pierce will know no doubt!! I managed to just get through to round 2 with a really jammy round as I only got 1500 in my first go.

I can see me and Isobel going for it in the final!!

Why is this game so addicting? It IS monotonous yet I have it on my phone and play it whenever I am waiting anywhere and NEVER get bored.
It is like crack I swear. :D
My all time highest score was 3,100. My lowest was probably 90. But that was just when the computer (or whatever) generating the game was conspiring against me. hahaha. :)

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