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calling all brides!!

I'm getting married in Feb and have found the dress I want, I'm aiming to be a size 14 but hopefully still quite curvy. So I'm not sure how it works is it best to buy a size 16 so that it can be altered down and also if I feel that a 16 is the right size for me, or do I get a 14 and hope it's ok!

I'm ordering it online from the US, and would like to get it asap to make sure I get it, and it's one less thing to think about!

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Wedding dresses tend to be a size smaller than usual clothes, so I think it's best to get the next size up - and bear in mind that USA dress sizes are two sizes smaller than the UK.

You can always take a dress in but it's not so easy to let it out! (I should take my own advice on that one!!!!)

Have fun!
thanks for the advice I think I'll get the US 14 as they're only one size bigger so should work out as our 16 so now I just have to work out where to get a black veil and shrug!



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A US 14 is an 18, a 12 is a 16. When i lived in Canada I found the sizing quite generous too. But I don't know about Wedding Dresses. Was just being nosey clicking on this thread. Enjoy the shopping and other preps for your Wedding.

Dizzy x
Thanks for that, that's strange, coz the majority of sites I've seen have it as a one size difference and when I've bought clothes there (pretty much 3/4 of my wardrobe!) then I've always got the size smaller and they've been fine.

Will check with my SIL.



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Yes definitely check then before you order. But I was definitely a 14 in Canada rather than an 18 and a 12 rather than a 16.

Dizzy x
I always thought it was two dress sizes too, as the infamous size zero is a UK size 4.

I would check the measurements on the website you're ordering from, hun, double carefully! lol

Hi Helen, I got married last year and looked into ordering on the internet. I think it is worth getting you measurements taken by a seamstress now as you are and ordering the dress to fit you exactly as you are at the moment. You can then have it taken in to fit. Most dress shops order dresses a couple of sizes above what you are so that they can be taken it. The problem is proportions - so whilst your waist might shrink by x inches, your bust may not shrink by the same proportion iyswim.
As someone said a seamstress will always be able to take the dress in but they may not be able to let it out. Don't forget even if you aren't planning to, you will probably drop another few pounds just before the wedding from all the running around you'll have to do.


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thanks for the advice I think I'll get the US 14 as they're only one size bigger so should work out as our 16 so now I just have to work out where to get a black veil and shrug!


Wow what colour dress you getting.......like the sound of black veil and shrug........you must put up a picture !


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My wedding dress was a size 20 and when I looked at the invoice I cried as I knew I wasnt that big.....so mum rang the shop and they said all there dresses come in this size and then they take them in......lol. I was a size 14 back then.
Ohh that's stunning! That will be wonderful for a NY wedding. I got married in burgundy - yehh for colored dresses. I've added an unworn black lacy shrug to your bag of goodies- you never know ;-)
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that's so cool of you. I was thinking of having the veil with a laces edging and getting a shrug to match so that would be cool.

Thanks again



That's a totally gorgeous dress.

Maureen Myring Kesterton does a fabulous black veil which I nearly got (so many black veils look funereal but hers are beautiful). Other than that not sure where to suggest - I ended up going for a red dress and probably won't bother with a veil, so I've stopped looking.
OMG just had a look at Maureen Myring Kesterton site, her stuff is amazing!!! there's a couple of places near me so might have to take a trip! My engagement ring is cool to that's here ring on Flickr - Photo Sharing! it's called a midnight sapphire and is very dark blue almost black with swirls and flashes of electric blue, it sounds like I'm quite a goth but I'm not at all I just really like black!! I'm very pale skin with bright blue eyes so it suits me!

Oh yes of course, I love fairy gothmother! was looking at dresses from there before.

I love the dress I've chosen though, I keep telling David that this time next year he'll come home and I'll be stood in the kitchen cooking wearing or going off ot tesco's in it as I'll love it so much.



Ooh, lovely ring! Mine is a black pearl so I know where you're coming from with the black.

I nearly chose a skirt and corset from FGM for my wedding, in fact I wasn't considering anything else, until on a whim I tried on the one I've now chosen and it was perfect! Actually to be truthful, before that I tried on an MMK dress but it was so expensive (SOOOO expensive) that I couldn't possibly justify buying it to wear for 12 hours.

On the other hand there's an annual event I occasionally go to where I could have worn it after the wedding...still...over £2k was out of my range.


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Helen that is an amazing dress, stunning - bet you can't wait for your big day now :)


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