Calling all CDC's - info needed


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Hi all :)

Maybe I'm reading it wrong :eek:

First week of CD - the main yellow book given to me by my CDC - states that on Sole Source (page 6 - middle paragraph) states that you can have Zero Calorie diet drinks as well as plain water / black tea / coffee. But in the SS book it states as allowable fluids: tap water / bottled water / black coffee / black tea and CD drink mixes.

So - can we have zero calorie diet drinks? I haven't as I read the SS book first, but on closer scruitiny of the main book it states you can? I'm confused :confused:

Any help very much appreciated ;)
Hi there Lisa - I'm not a CDC (yet ! ;) ) but hopefully I've got this right....

I think Coke zero and Dr Pepper are OK - you need to check if they have 'citric acid' in cos that could take you out of ketosis....and even then ur only allowed 1 glass per day..

I just have 1 bottle per week - Coke zero - and I save that for a Saturdays....after WI

hope that helps...and hope it's correct !! no doubt a CDC will be along in a mo to enlighten us both :p

I was told you shouldnt drink loads of this sort of drink in a day and try to keep to a maximum of one can a day or a glass. But also remember if you read coke zero ingrediants label there are calories in it so strictly speaking not a zero calorie drink.

Coke Zero isn't technically zero calories, anything claiming to have zero calories can actually have up to 10. Some people are very sensitive to things like Coke Zero and it can knock you out of ketosis.

The main problem is that it may create cravings and it doesn't count as your water intake. I don't think it has any cirtic acid...don't quote me on that one though.:)

Sooooooo....personal choice, but keep an eye on your ketosis if you do do it.

Nicole xx