Calling all Ketosis experts!!


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Hiya all.. I'm on day 4 now! (Day three was an utter nighmare!) and I'm testing positive with the ketostix for (oh damn whats the word.. umm... ketoines? ((oh why can't i remember, lol, its the lack of food))

Anyway so I assume by this I'm into Ketosis and I was wondering if anyone could explain what Ketosis feels like? how it changes as the days go on?

I also wondered if you could tell me what your first weeks weight loss was..?

thank you and much love

Good morning Roosters!

Ketosis feels for me like having no appitite. Not hungry. It allows me to identify 'emotional hunger' and deal with it.

Hope that helps!

Ketosis can induce a feeling of a high (I have to say it never did for me but hey!!). For me ketosis meant I had that crap taste in my mouth all the damn time :) and that I truely didn't feel physically hungry.

I lost 20 pounds from memory in my first week but then again I had eaten the entire contents of Sainsburys the day before I started!

Hello, first well done for getting through 3 days !! It is hard but you do get in a kind of routine and it DOES get easier. Promise. I am only on day 8 myself, but to me ketosis has given me more energy (sometimes in 'spurts') and taken away some of the hunger pangs. Everyones experience is different, as long as the stick is the right colour then you are doing brilliant ! BTW, my day 7 weigh in yesterday I had lost 6.8 pounds. Good luck, Victoria.x
Hi Lizzie!

I'm on Day 5 today. I know I'm in ketosis beause I'm bloody freezing all day, & just cannot get warm. Other than that I don't think I have any of the other side effects, I still get hunger pangs & rumblings, & haven't got a metallic taste in my mouth, & as far as I'm aware, I've not got stinky breath yet either!
Hiya folks

Thank you for all your replies!! I must say the symptom I can most identify with is the feeling cold all the time! I went to bed with my clothes on last nite lol - I couldn't face getting undressed.. toooo cold.
The damn cold has been the worst symptom for me. I have never felt the cold before and boy oh boy do I hate it!!:mad:

Ketsosis also means for me, no physical hunger all. Emotional hunger yes, but I quickly find something to do and it passes really really quickly. Hope this helps!!!!!

Good luck and well done!!:D
Just a short one ...

Roosters- I usually have a nice hot bath just before I go to bed, then I dry off and put my fleecy dressing gown on and hop into bed!

I sometimes use my hairdryer under the covers too! (Take care not to set fire to the bedclothes)!
Thanks AmandaJayne - I'm definitely going to try that!