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Calling all uni students

Hey everyone

Just wondering what you take to uni with you for lunch?

Been on plan for over a month now but with exams and stuff being through January I'm only getting back to lectures etc properly now.

Need a bit of inspiration for what I can have for lunch. Obviously no microwave/fridge/oven etc so it's kind of a pain...

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Hi - I take sandwiches, usually cheese salad ones, a yoghurt and a couple of peices of fruit. I am also slightly addicted to the banoffee cereal bars from asda (4 syns) which really hit the sweet spot.

If I am feeling flush :D I will have a jacket potato with beans (£1.65) and look forlornly on at my friends tucking into a quarter of a large pizza, price £1.50 :eek: :mad:
For lunch at uni i just eat whatever is the healthiest. last week my friends all tucked into big juicy burgers whilst i just had a sandwhich, which wasnt even nice but i had to eat because everyone else was and i didnt want to be the odd one out! :sigh: but i have decided to just make wise choices so i have what is the healthiest at the takeaway place/shop/restaurant so im not missing out but eating as healthy as possible (not easy as the 'healthier' options arent actually healthy) but what can you do :eek:

So i guess you could do the same?
I went back to uni last year to retrain and the canteen was awful for SWers, not even jacket potatoes just calorie laden crap! For my lunches I would make cold pasta salads, flavoured cous cous and quiches. Sometimes I would take a mugshot and ask for a mug of hot water and the staff were happy to do so. I also took fruit and an alpen bar to snack in between as my days were so long.
Another tip - my canteen didn't have sweetener so I would take my own tablets for tea/coffee.
My main problem is that my building isn't close to the canteen on campus (wouldn't have the time to walk there and back between classes) so im depending on packed lunches mainly.

I'll have to try making some quiche and pasta salads. Not really wanting to make sandwiches because it would mean using my healthy extras and I like my alpen light bars too much lol
If you have any Chinese supermarkets near you home-made Sushi is great. Its just Nori(roasted seaweed sheets) sushi rice and your choice of fillings i have cucumber, prawns, smoked salmon trimmings, avocado etc. Its very filling and tastes fab all you need is the ingredients. If i haven't the time i like mushroom or quorn pate with wholemeal pitta breads and fruit.
Hope this helps x
I'm loving nicoise salad :)

And my new fave is savoury rice, chopped salad and chopped up quorn sausages all mixed together :)

It is hard to keep yourself excited by lunches when they have to be cold all the time and things do get samey.. But it's only one meal a day!
How about taking some Homemade soup in a flask, or make up some savoury rice, add a little more water than it says, it will be cooked in a flask by lunch time!

Bee x
buzzybritches said:
How about taking some Homemade soup in a flask, or make up some savoury rice, add a little more water than it says, it will be cooked in a flask by lunch time!

Bee x
I had no idea you could cook in a flask.. You tried this with pasta n sauce?
buzzybritches said:
No i havent tried it with the pasta, only the rice! Worth a go!

Bee x
Might have to try a 'dry' run at home so to speak.. If this worked I'd be so happy gotta love a mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce.. I often wondered how it would deal with being cold and made into like a pasta salad.. But don't know anyone who's tried that either.. X


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I wouldn't do this with the pasta and sauce - it comes out slimey as anything and really unappetising. I have had more success making it in a flask 10-15 mins before you want it but you need to add less water.

There are numerous threads on here with people looking for lunch ideas so I would take a look at them. Your position is really no different to someone looking for lunches to have at work, although they be lucky and have more facilities on hand.

You can invest in a food flask and take curry, chilli, stews, soups etc although these ttend to work better with things that come in a sauce.

There are numerous variations on pasta, rice and cous cous salads that are really easy to make up the night before and pack out with loads of veggies. Having pasta for dinner? Then make a bit more for the following day's lunch.

Again lots of variation on the SW quiche to fit with whatever plan you are following and your tastes. For a more classic version you could try frittata instead.

Just about any soup can be made SW friendly so there are lots of possibilities there - you can even make them more filling just by adding rice, pulses, broken up spaghetti or mini pasta shapes.

As said you could ask or take hot water to make up a mugshot, or the Ainsley Harriott cous cous work well like this. Just empty the sachet in to a tupperware type box with the water. Pop on the lid and its ready in 5 mins. Throw in some baby tomatoes and you're good to go!

Then there are sandwiches, rolls or crispbreads with your own home-made filling.

Don't feel awkward about self-catering - just tell your friends that you are trying to save a bit of money, and soon enough they will be jealous of all the lovely grub you are having while they are still on the nasty pizza!

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