calling any size 16 ladies

Principessa N

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If anyone doesn't mind, could you tell me roughly how much you weigh or if how much i will need to lose roughly to be a size 16? (pm if prefered)
Basically i've need to be down to a size 16 for my parents to buy me a wedding dress, my weddings in october and i have to start dress hunting in a few months but having never been a 16 i have no idea what weight i'm aiming for. To be honest i have no idea what size i am now because i wear the same old things, but i weigh just over 20 stone. I no everyone is different but if someone could give me an idea, i'd be very gratefull
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Hello there

i am size 16/18 and i weigh 13 st 12 lbs at present. I think a lot of it depends on if you have a pouch i have known some people to weigh wot i used too 16st9lbs and be a size 20 and yet i was a 24/26..................hth xx

good luck on your journey - julie xx


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I am 5' 4" weigh 11st. 6lb with clothes on:) and I am a comfortable size 16 on top and size 14 bottom.

Love Mini xxx


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I'm 5'3" and weighed 13st 6.5lb at last weigh in. I just bought my first size 16 trousers in M&Co but don't know if I'm size 16 in other shops as I haven't tried yet. I'm pear shaped so reckon I'm still an 18 in maybe Next and possibly a 16 in Monsoon as I think they're generous.

Question - why won't your parents buy your dress if you're over a size 16??


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Im a 16 n im heavier than all these ladies here...

are you tall Nilo?

Principessa N

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Thanks girls, 13 stone seems to be the ballpark, I just looked at some jeans i wear and they are size 24. I am pear shaped to and most of it seems to be on my bum!!!

Big an Bouncy

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Nilo you could be 2.5st by oct if you lose 1lb per week or 5st off if you lose 2lbs per week.All depends on height and body shape.I have lost most of mine from bum and legs, top of arms.3st in 5 months.Size 18 pants/jeans and 18/20 for the top.

Principessa N

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Thanks B an B, i think i would be happier being a size 18, i'm not worried about the dress as we'd always budgeted to get it ourselves, but at the moment i hate camaras and people looking at me, so i think even 3 or 4 stone would make alot of difference!! I just want to be comfortable on my wedding day!!!!!!!!


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Hi, i'm 11st 6 and i'm a size 14 or 16, depends on where the clothes are from and also what kind of fit i want.

I am only 5ft 3 though!


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Good luck with getting to a 16!! I am sure you can do it and what a great incentive to get there.

I am a typical apple-shape and am a 16 at around 12.5 stone (I'm 5'4").

Don't forget (I dunno if you've started looking at wedding dresses yet) but shop size 16s will not be wedding dress size 16s. Wedding dresses size very differently (much smaller intervals between sizes). I was a shop size 12 when I got married but my dress was a 16!


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Lots of differences but when I got down to bout 15 stone I could wear quite a few size 16s, so everyone really is very different x


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im a couple of stone heavier than some of the ladies here and in a size 16 in high st shops and a 18 in "cheap" shops, ive always said the classic phrase im heavy boned lol but it must be true as at my lightest 10st 2 i was a size 10 and i used to swap clothes with my best friend who was 8st 13 and they looked good on both of us. Just goes to show everyones different


I think this will depend on your height and where you carry your weight and probably no 2 people will be the same.
I am tall, 5' 9 and at the moment weigh 12st 7lbs. I am pear shaped and so a size 16 on the bottom and 14 up top

She's quite right. I'm 5' 7" and although I've gained over Xmas so I'm wearing the next size up jeans I know that for me when I was 15 st I was actually a waist size 16 with a 20 bust and an 18 hip so a more hourglass shape.

Good Luck. I started at over 21 stones, this was on another diet plan, and I've now switched over to SW. Done this diet before and lost loads of weigh with NO pain at all:D but like many gained it all back because I stopped, so I know it works. One day you will be holding up your "fat Jeans" thinking NOOOOO


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I'm 5ft 4 and when I was 13st 8lbs I was a size 16 on bottom and a 14-16 on top. xx