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Calling Inspirational Stories!!!


Sliced and diced!!!
I have already posted in this forum about weightloss on SW, but wanted to make a specific request to all of you out there who have started SW with a start weight of 160kgs or above :)

I am currently 175.1kgs (2.5kgs gone over Xmas without any effort... not bad!!!) and am really interested in doing SW - am meeting the local group leader this coming Tuesday :D

However, I am SO interested in hearing how people have done when starting with a high weight/BMI and how they have found their loss to be, especially in the first 5 months or so :)

If anyone is willing to let me know how they have done, I would be really, really grateful... either post here or feel free to PM me!

Thanks in advance...

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Can't help with the SW but I have done the title for you! I am back cal counting as of today - seems to be the only thing that works for me - if I stick to it LOL!

Love Barb


escaping the fat
Hi Ollie, ive done SW loads of times. My heaviest start weight was 322lbs/23stone. I lost 13lbs in my 1st week then an average 3-5lbs per week after that. Pretty similar to my previous results on CD. The only reason ive decided not to follow sw this time is that i wasnt controlling my intake and felt i needed to take food out of the equation. Its a great diet. I wish you every luck.


Sliced and diced!!!
Hi baba...

Good to hear from you... how are things? :)

Thanks for your reply... you know, that is my one concern with SW - the food and my awful habit of overeating or getting bored with the 'allowed' food and scoffing my face full of Chinese :(

But I really cannot face SS at the moment - it's chilly and dark outside, I'm always tired and cold (damn Thyroid!) and I am scared of the horrid 'C', which I always get really badly!!!

I am also SO scared of losing all my hair (it's already coming out everytime I brush it!) I don't want to go out to India in Sept/Oct, bald and flapping in the wind with loose skin (not a pretty picture!!!) :rolleyes: :eek:

So I want to give SW a try - that's all I can do, at the end of the day, right?



Sliced and diced!!!

Can't help with the SW but I have done the title for you! I am back cal counting as of today - seems to be the only thing that works for me - if I stick to it LOL!

Love Barb

Thanks for sorting out the title, Barb!!!

And all the best with your calorie counting... :D



escaping the fat
Well Ollie i would reccommend SW to anyone so as you say youve nothing but weight to lose by trying it.
Unfortunately when you are as overweight as we are, I think we have to face that whatever way we lose weight is going to result in saggy skin. Even exercise isnt really going to help. But we will look better than we do now and we will be healthier and we wil cope better with the heat. All good things to take to India with you.xx
I highly recommend SW, I'm doing CD now only to take food out of the equation and as I am so busy in the evening, I don't have to worry about cooking and being tempted to eat take-aways on a tired day.

I found SW very adaptable. I found that I lost weight quicker on the red days and if I fancied rice or pototoes I would look forward to a green day at the weekends. As long as you stick to your sins you will enjoy this diet, there's lot's of variety.

When I complete CD, I will be returning to SW to maintain. I do wish you all the best on your weight loss journey.


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Blimey Jen! Is that you? Is that really you?

Jen the skinny blonde roving reporter:D
skinny indeed! yes, it is me! going to lose this last stone by hook or by crook! been back on sw a couple of weeks now, really enjoying it, feeling healthy and re-evaluating my bad relatiosnhip with food (i.e. eating it, healthily and not starving and bingeing!)

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